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Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies
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Friday, February 22, 2008


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Judy Sheldon

What Kind of Grades Did Our Presidents Get?
by Judy Sheldon, Feb 12, 2008
Does being on the honor roll indicate one is the material presidents are made of?
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Who Were They?
by Judy Sheldon, Feb 11, 2008
We remember them under one name, but their family knows them under another. Who were they?
Comments(8) Liked It: 6
Lessons in Love
by Judy Sheldon, Feb 3, 2008
Witness some examples of love, and renew your soul.
Comments(12) Liked It: 14
I Am Weak But He is Strong
by Judy Sheldon, Jan 12, 2008
The "most troubling problem" faced by the vast majority of women in the U.S. is low self esteem according to a study conducted by Dr. James Dobson. Are you one of them? If so how are you handling it?
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A Medley of Metaphors: Happy Thanksgiving
by Judy Sheldon, Nov 18, 2007
As we get ready for family time at Thanksgiving, I wanted to wish everyone a happy, health holiday and share some of my childhood memories with a little humor.
Comments(4) Liked It: 7
What Was He Thinking?
by Judy Sheldon, Oct 25, 2007
Criminal activity is stupid, but these examples show behavior that goes beyond stupid. In these examples the criminal caught himself.
Comments(6) Liked It: 5
What Does Your Handwriting Analysis Reveal About You?
by Judy Sheldon, Oct 11, 2007
Handwriting samples are used in psychological testing, personality evaluations, forensic investigations and by human resource and security agencies. Here are clues to some of the things they observe in handwriting.
Comments(4) Liked It: 4
A Nation of Shooters
by Judy Sheldon, Oct 8, 2007
Six young people were gunned down at a friend's home celebrating their homecoming. The shooter was an off duty deputy-sheriff. Is United States becoming a nation of shooters?
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Judy Sheldon

The Many Health Benefits Provided by Ginger Root
by Judy Sheldon, Nov 1, 2007
Ginger ale does more than relieve stomach aches, colds and flu. Here are more than 30 reasons to include ginger in your daily diet.
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More Reasons to Enjoy Peanuts
by Judy Sheldon, Oct 20, 2007
Although they are called pea "nuts" they are actually peas or legumes, and are packed with all sorts of health benefits. Read on to find out why you should eat more peanuts and how to make your own peanut butter.
Comments(12) Liked It: 8
A Breast Cancer That Routine Mammograms Miss
by Judy Sheldon, Oct 6, 2007
This breast cancer does not usually start with a lump and is not often detected by a routine mammogram, in fact it often is found in women who have never had a mammogram. The common warning signs are listed here along with internet sites providing more information.
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Ten Uses for Rose Oil
by Judy Sheldon, Oct 3, 2007
Enjoying the delightful fragrance of roses can benefit the body in countless other ways, such as improving circulation, strengthening the immune system, and assisting the body in healing itself.
Comments(8) Liked It: 9
More Spices for a Healthier Life
by Judy Sheldon, Sep 27, 2007
Building our understanding of the health benefits and natural remedies found in our spices.
Comments(4) Liked It: 9
Spice Your Way to a Healthier Life
by Judy Sheldon, Sep 18, 2007
An overview of health benefits and natural remedies found in our spices.
Comments(15) Liked It: 30
A Medicine Bag in a Bottle
by Judy Sheldon, Sep 15, 2007
This medicine was discovered perhaps 200 years ago and just keeps getting better with research and technology. Do you have it in your medicine cabinet? If you do not, you should.
Comments(8) Liked It: 8
Fascinating Finds in the "Oil Mines"
by Judy Sheldon, Aug 28, 2007
Examining nutritional, medical and household uses for 35 different types of oil. Some of these uses are common knowledge and some are little known.
Comments(1) Liked It: 8
Be Good to You
by Judy Sheldon, Aug 20, 2007
Some of the gender bias that we are subject to is because we do not fully appreciate and respect ourselves as valuable contributors. Women need to learn not to take themselves for granted.
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Judy Sheldon

The Top Foods to Avoid
by Judy Sheldon, Feb 18, 2008
Here is a different angle. We are always told what to eat, but here's a list of what not to eat.
Comments(11) Liked It: 9
Give Autism a Voice
by Judy Sheldon, Jan 20, 2008
Autism has impacted the families with children who have the disease.
Comments(22) Liked It: 8
Apples: The Wonder Fruit
by Judy Sheldon, Dec 31, 2007
Who would have guessed that the lowly apple could pack such a one two punch against so many diseases?
Comments(15) Liked It: 10
Pistachios and Your Health
by Judy Sheldon, Dec 10, 2007
Making major life style changes may be difficult, near impossible, but adding a hand full of pistachios to your diet daily is something easy to do. The rewards are great and the sacrifice none.
Comments(15) Liked It: 7
What's Your Psychosis?
by Judy Sheldon, Dec 9, 2007
In the past 15 years the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual has gained 200 new codes for mental disorders. Are we really becoming more psychotic, or just medicating ourselves more?
Comments(5) Liked It: 4
Sleep Deprivation is Serious
by Judy Sheldon, Dec 4, 2007
Like drugs or alcohol sleep deprivation induces fatigue. Are you one of the millions who suffer from a sleep disorder?
Comments(11) Liked It: 6
Migraines, Strokes, and Heart Repair
by Judy Sheldon, Dec 3, 2007
There seems to be some correlation between migraines, strokes, and heart defects. Fortunately there is a new procedure to remedy this.
Comments(6) Liked It: 3
What's in Your Medical Record?
by Judy Sheldon, Nov 22, 2007
Not only do errors occur from the medical staff logging incorrectly in your chart, but you might find out someone has been using your numbers to obtain illegal health insurance and fouling up your medical information. Information regarding obtaining medical records and making corrections.
Comments(8) Liked It: 4
Is Mother's Kiss Dangerous?
by Judy Sheldon, Nov 15, 2007
What loving mother would knowingly inflict harm on her child? Perhaps mothers are not aware of the danger lurking in this every day product.
Comments(7) Liked It: 4
Coffee: Good/Coffee: Bad
by Judy Sheldon, Nov 8, 2007
An examination of coffee's reported pros and cons and also of it's discovery during the third century.
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Monday, February 18, 2008


There are many kinds of family. There are those you remember fondly and love to spend time with, those that embarrass you and while you love them, you try to stay out of the same room, and there are those who may not be born into our family, but we've adopted them because of beliefs and missions that we share with them. Two of my family that were born from common goals at Triond are listed here:

Notice that their names are within their links, and if you get the opportunity to check them out at www.Triond.com you will not be disappointed. These talented young ladies have entertained and taught me many things.

I had an uncle who used to come by the house to visit all the time, when I was growing up. He always had a stubble growing on his cheeks, and would rub my tender face with his own while embracing me in a rib crushing bear hug. When I could no longer breathe, he would pull away and ask his customary question:

"Been good while I was gone?" My customary reply was "of course, Uncle," as I silently prayed that he would not give me his routine come back. Then my uncle demanded, as if this question took a lot of thought "And. . did you get paid for being good?"
"No, uncle" came my barely audible reply. Please don't let him say the same thing he would always say, I would think.
No luck.
He would roar in a deep belly laugh, as if it was the funniest thing he had ever thought of in his life "Well, I guess, you are good for nothing then."

And this just seemed to fit right in with my father's opinion of me. It created such a need in me to be recognized and appreciated.

Sometimes family doesn't appreciate you, or recognize who you really are. Not so with my family at Triond. But in my uncle's case, I now believe that it was just his way of teasing, as he too craved attention. Mom always said I wore my feelings on my sleeve, which is another reason I love writing so much. Where else can you bear your soul without criticism, but on a piece of paper?

At Triond, I bear my soul in my writings there, and am rewarded with support and encouragement. Anyone who is thinking about starting a writing career and wants to get their feet wet, should check us out. Not only will you get lots of constructive criticism and support , but Triond even manages to pay us a little something for sharing our opinion and or creativity. I think I died and went to heaven. lol

Come back and visit. I'll leave the light on.

Take care,
Judy Sheldon


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