Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies

Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nutrition - You are what you eat.

You may not have seen me here recently as I have been researching and writing. The more I learn about nutrition the more I wonder how I lived to be as healthy as I am eating the way I have. It is amazing. I remember riding my bike, as a teen, two miles to the donut shop, buying a dozen donuts and having them eaten before I got back home. Mind you, a dozen was 13 at that time, and my waist measured a mere 25 inches then. We won't discuss what it is now, but donuts are a thing of the past, as are many other unnecessary items. If it lacks nutrition, why waste the time, money, or effort to buy and consume it? Don't we deserve to be healthy?

The Blood Type Mystery http://www.healthmad.com/Health/The-Blood-Type-Mystery.92272

by Judy Sheldon, Mar 12, 2008
One diet fits all is a myth, and here is a doctor who blows that theory out of the water. I first heard of this book when a co-worker who had been seeing a chiropractor purchased the book. He was the author, and she read the book ardently. Soon she was feeling 100% better. I happened upon the book at a second hand store and purchased my own copy. It is a fascinating read. Click on my link and read more. Better yet, pick up a copy of your own book.
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Salt's Sneaky Hiding Places
by Judy Sheldon, Mar 2, 2008 http://www.healthmad.com/Nutrition/Salts-Sneaky-Hiding-Places.88655
If you are watching your sodium consumption, you need to be aware of the many places sodium hides, and one I forgot to mention is drinking water. While salt is vital to our health, it is more common to get too much than to get too little. If you need to monitor your intake, this article may help you understand better where salt hides.
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by Judy Sheldon, Feb 28, 2008
Let's clear up the bad rap that has been hung on eggs. Not only has new research indicated that eggs have very little effect on blood cholesterol levels, but eggs are a nutritional powerhouse providing at least 18 different vitamins and minerals.
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