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Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tips & Tricks on Staying Healthy

The Good News About Pecans

by Judy Sheldon, Nov 23, 2008
Last week my husband was diagnosed with diabetes type two which has caused us to be even more careful when reading labels. When I looked up pecans on the internet to find out if he could have any, we were pleasantly surprised. Not only are pecans nutritious but they are beneficial in helping us to lower our cholesterol and keep our hearts healthy.

For more on the pecan and its many health benefits read more at: http://www.healthmad.com/Nutrition/The-Good-News-About-Pecans.360165


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sisterhood is not just about being born of the same parents. There is a bond that takes place between women who have bridged the gap of time and place with a common goal or common history. BC Doan, or Icy Cucky, as I first knew her and grew to love her is one of those unique and special individuals. For near two years I have had the honor of writing next to her in the pages of Triond.com and now at AssociatedContent, eHow.com and Bukisa. She is on the pages of multiple bookmarking sites and has her own blog:http://reachbeyondlimits.blogspot.com/. I have joined her in celebration, sorrow, and wonder, just to name a few of the emotional journeys life has provided. I could not have picked a more endearing or wonderful friend, so I call her sister. She is too special to be just a friend.

On her blog she recommends the following blogs, so it with complete faith in her judgment that I list them here:

# Lizzie at http://lizzieschoice.blogspot.com/
# Diane at http://sabinocanyonblog.blogspot.com/
# Anne at http://anne-lyken-garner.blogspot.com/
# Mys at http://myslykemeeh.blogspot.com/
# Darlene at http://the-health-witch.blogspot.com/
# Dabrah at http://dabrah.blogspot.com/
# Michele at http://poeticexpression.today.com/
# K Bali at http://fastestmoneymakingsites.blogspot.com/
# Teri at The Beach Writer


Thursday, January 15, 2009

It began with a Seed

I titled my blog "Seeds for Thought" for the imagery. If you want someone to think about something, you simply "plant a seed". We do not want any one thinking for us, but are inspired by motivational thinkers, and creative ideas. I was truly motivated when I picked up the book Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit by Adelle Davis over 30 years ago. The small paper back book was packed with nutritional and homeopathic remedies that were absolutely amazing.

From a "seed" comes a thought, a plant, a tree, a garden, a field, and nutrition. The plants hold so much more for us than simply filling our stomachs. Please travel with me and gather seeds. We can plant so much more than we ever imagined.

This contains an overview of many spices and herbs along with the health benefits they contain.


and: http://www.healthmad.com/Alternative/More-on-Spices-for-a-Healthier-Life--.48857


Monday, January 12, 2009

Will Bukisa Replace Triond?

An Invitation to Join Bukisa

In the beginning I received several invitations daily to join Bukisa. I was a staunch Triond supporter. After all this is where I got my feet wet. Hadn't they given me the label "Hot writer"? Wasn't my income steadily climbing, and weren't they helpful in their placement of my articles and adding illustrations to them to make them really shine?

A Warm Supportive Community

It took awhile, but I made friends there. There were writers that I followed avidly, and they followed me. I soon became to think of some of the writers as my family. If you really want to get to know someone read them. As writers we pour our heart and soul into our work. Check out my amazing friends at http://writerssolutions.blogspot.com/ It's been a wonderful adventure as I've watched their work mature and blossom. But soon there was something going on at Triond.

Triond - As far as Topics, the Sky is the Limit

They changed their format. They changed their policys. They still allow you to publish without cost. They still allow you the opportunity of selecting your format and subject. They still pay you a portion of revenue earned from the advertisers. So what has changed? You must be careful to submit illustrations that are not protected unless ...

The Newcomer that Plagiarizes is Showcased

The revenue has gone down considerably. As much as I love to write, that will not deter me. What deters me as I have watched as numerous new "writers" have joined the ranks. They have reviewed our work, and various articles and pictures they have found on line and blatantly enter them as their own. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Triond copy writes our material for us, but does nothing to protect that copy write even going as far as publishing articles which infringe on our rights. Their material is immediately show cased to give it the best opportunity of garnering more revenue, subtracting from the individual who came up with the idea and did all the research to begin with. As I peruse other's content I am amazed as some that do not source their illustrations. I used my own pictures and was reminded to enter a source or my work would not be published.

My Writing Comes from Within

Topics may come to mind but they usually are on my mind long before they are in print. This one has been festering since December, when it again came to light, that many of my co-writer's words were being stolen in their entirety and others were being cut and pasted with only slight (ever so slight) changes. We studied plagiarism in college. We knew in grade school that copying was wrong. How can someone not know this is wrong? As I was saying, my work comes from within and slowly becomes an article. It begins with a seed of a thought and slowly germinates, ending up on my desk top to simmer, as I research, add photos and research some more.

How can they publish three articles in a day?

Where do they come from?

How can they read their "friends" material and leave a supportive comment, when they know they are thinking of ways to steal their work?


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