Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies

Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Give Mom a Gift She'll Always Remember

What does an airplane have to do with Mother's day? I could answer that Mothers are involved in every aspect of life we travel, but I won't. I'll elaborate instead.

Mom's Inspire

Did you know that Orville and Wilbur Wright's mother, Susan graduated near the top of her class in mathematics? When her sons were interviewed and asked what their inspiration was, their mother was fore front in their interview. Their mother had a strong aptitude for math and mechanics. She worked on buggy parts and would invite the boys to inspect different parts of the machinery. Their home boasted not one but two libraries. Remember this was a time when many women were quite comfortable in living in the shadows of their husbands and tending to the children and their home. Women do not always neatly fit in the cookie cutter patterns society might place them in. For more about the Wright's brothers and their invention read:

The Force Behind the Wright Brothers

Mom's Instruct with Love

One of those mothers I refer to is BC Doan. She is a single parent who struggles much as many of us do but instead of looking for the easy way out you will find her trying to be the best mother she can be and sharing some of her insight with us along the way. She volunteers at her youngest son's school. She writes, interprets, gardens, baby sits, but the thing she loves most is parenting. Her articles about raising children glow with love:

How to Make Writing Fun for your Children
How to Put Together a Tactile Book for your Child
How to Develop Good Study Habits with your Child

In our search for a gift to honor Mom and show her how much we appreciate her we should not stop at something we can gift wrap. What better way to honor Mom than to be the best parents we can be by instilling values, building character, encouraging hobbies and interests and allowing imaginations to soar? Mom left us a legacy. Lets pass it on.

Free Gifts for Mom

Help the children create something for Mom. Find free templates, crafts, poems, and all kinds of ideas at How to Make Mom Feel Special on a Shoe string


Monday, April 27, 2009

Triond, eHow and Bukisa Compared

I am one among many who loves to write, and almost needs to write. It is as necessary to sanity, as breathing is to life, but that does not mean I am not discriminating. Once you have tasted a fine wine, would you settle for MD 40?

Triond was the "Fine Wine" of Writing Sites

Triond was that fine wine. "Hot writers" were indeed hot. Their content was fresh and held your attention. You submitted and waited for Triond to place your article. They would select the right placement and showcase your work. The occasional grammatical error was few and far between, and repetition was rare. It was exciting to watch the reviews climb along with the pay and to read the new articles that were hot off the presses and just printed. I was not the only one who rushed home from work to fire up the computer and log in to get their daily Triond fix. I also appreciated that Triond editors took and still take time to answer your email questions and have a Triond "school" to help you get in the swing of things.

Suggested Pictures are Absurd

Recently there have been many changes; some good and some bad. They have incorporated a new edit policy where the writer can edit their own work and submit fixes easily, as opposed with the old fashioned way which could take two to three days. They also have added a feature that will offer suggested illustrations for your articles, although for the most part, I have found their selections absurd. I love their community feature. You can message anyone there privately, which enables you to gently advise someone of a typo without showcasing their error, or just gab.

Submit Live at Bukisa

Bukisa is an up and coming writing experience. Simon Gelfand, the founder, has personally answered my questions on several occasions, and quickly, I might add. Here you are also not limited by subject matter, but can submit "live". While Triond pays by sponsors, so does Bukisa, but the sponsors are different, and Bukisa seems to pay better. Also Bukisa pays you a percentage of those you invite to write, so there is motivation to invite. At Triond I invited many, but was never compensated.

Is it Just Me?

Personally, I have difficulty placing illustrations in my content at Bukisa, but then I am all thumbs on the computer, so I am not someone to gauge whether something is "user friendly" or not. I have not found a way to gab with fellow Bukisa writers so am unable to establish the rapport I have made with my Triond family. The revenue accumulates quicker here, so many are abandoning ship at Triond. After all times are hard and even harder without the green stuff.

A Quick Submit

I like ehow because I can write an how-to instructional in as little as 20 minutes. It is published live, so I do not wait to begin earning. Ehow encourages fellowship. Making friends takes only seconds and there are many ways to communicate. You can quickly rate and recommend other writers. Articles take seconds to read and there is always something interesting to learn. At ehow articles are emailed to you daily so less marketing is required, and because the site is growing consistently, there is always someone to read and rate your article.

Blogging - The Creative Edge

Have you ever wanted to change your font to express something differently or wanted
to get something off your chest that you know would not make a big hit with your publishing site? You can send your friends out a personal email or... we have blogging. I love Blogger. It is very user friendly. It is as versatile as the user, and there are many different ways to monetize, or not, depending on personal choice. One can be put together in a relative short time, even for someone who is computer illiterate, like me. For a true example of blogger beauty check out BC Doan's blog: http://reachbeyondlimits.blogspot.com/ Here you will find a fascinating array of photo beauty daily. She takes many of her own photos and has a true eye for what captivates. Then there is always the human side of her posts where she offers up tips on making money while doing what we love (writing - what were you thinking?)

Let me know what you think of different writing opportunities. You'll find me right here, writing. (what else is there?) or at one of the above sites composing, reading, or commenting.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Loved One with Diabetes

A few months ago I was heading home from work when my cell phone rang. I glanced at the screen and saw an unfamiliar number. I hesitated before answering, but after answering, heard my husband's familiar voice. "Judy, I'm at the hospital."

As I listened to him relate what had happened, I pulled into the next driveway to turn around and head to the hospital where he was. He had often said this day might come because of his long family history of diabetes, and his spells of low sugar. He said he had become woozy and his vision was blurred. He kept having to urinate. My stubborn husband called his daughter, but refused to let her drive him. He drove himself.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Stevia and Our Health

Fighting Sugar Addiction

I admire my husband in that he took everything the doctor said to heart. When told to avoid all white foods (except turnips) he began to study carefully what he could and could not eat. He is a man who put sugar on his rice, pancake syrup on his meat, and washed it all down with a soda. Just the fact that he was diagnosed just prior to Thanksgiving and has lost between 15 to 20 pounds is evidence that he has cut back and I want to help.

The Debate on Sweeteners Rages on

Who hasn't heard about studies of artificial sweeteners causing problems from cancer, depression, tooth decay, and so forth? Do we really want to trade one ailment in for another? Personally I detest artificial sweeteners. I don't like the aftertaste and they leave me feeling queasy, but I opened up one of my favorite books (The Green Pharmacy by James A. Duke, PhD) the other day and found stevia listed there. It surprised me because I thought stevia was just another one of the artificial sweeteners on the market, but its not.

Stevia vs. Sugar

Look at the picture of the plant above. As you can see, this is quite a natural looking plant, nothing artificial about it. You can argue that sugar also originates from a plant. The author of How to be Your Own Nutritionist and The Immune Power Diet, Stuart M Berger, M.D.refers to sugar as a "sweet nothing" explaining that during the metamorphosis of extracting sugar and refining we have lost it's value. The fiber, vitamins, minerals and any other nutrients are lost, rendering it a "sweet nothing". He then goes on to warn of the damages sugar can reek upon our health in way of our pancreas, blood pressure, cancer... images.google.com For a host of information regarding sugar read: Oh Sugar! What Mama Didn't Tell You About Sugar. You will find results of studies and research conducted on the use of sugar and health.

Discovered in South America

Discovered in the late 1800s by a South American naturalist named Bertoni, Stevia gained worldwide attention for its medicine and nutritional values and for its natural sweetness. It has been referred to as the honey leaf, sweet leaf and sweet herb. Spoken in the native language these names are Caa'-ehe, Ca-a-yupe or yerba dulce. Stevia is unique in that its sweetness is not based in carbohydrates. The molecules found in Stevia which make up its sweetness are glycosides. righthealth.com

A little History

Two French chemists, Bridel and Lavielle isolated the glycoside molecule in 1931.

During WWII England cultivated and used Stevia because of sugar shortages.

Japan began cultivating stevia in the 50s and using it commercially in the 70s. It now makes up 50% of their sweetener industry.

Health Benefits of Stevia

In South America Stevia is used widely to help diabetics and hypoglycemics, with research finding that a whole leaf concentrate helps to regulate the effect on the pancreas and improve blood sugar levels. Elsewhere across the world, stevia has also assisted in treatment of Candidiasis, lowering blood pressure, aiding in digestion, improving energy levels and mental acuity. Replacing the sweeteners in tooth paste and other oral hygiene products with stevia has decreased gum disease while inhibiting the growth of bacteria and tooth decay.

One Packet Equals 1 Gram of Carbohydrates

My husband always loved math, algebra and even calculus, so counting carbohydrates is not a problem for him, but even he would have to appreciate this fact. His doctor gave him a book that he referred to often in the beginning while he tried to maintain the proper carb count, but with Stevia one packet equals one carb. Even I can keep track of that.

It Tastes Good

Now I wouldn't just tell you that. I tried it. I made my husband a cup of coffee the other day but he was running late so he took off without drinking it. Here I was standing there holding a cup of coffee and not wanting it go to waste, I tasted it. Mind you, I am not much of a coffee drinker. I am more of a cream and sugar drinker with a splash of coffee for the caffeine. I had only put one packet of stevia in it, while my cup would have had 1/4 cup of sugar, and I drank it. It was pretty good.

For more reading on the detriments of sugar read: The Bizarre Truth about Over Indulgence of Sugar

I can guarantee you that cutting back on sugar is not going to harm you, and may do you a world of good. If Stevia helps you do just that, why not try it?


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to Make Lifestyle Changes to Improve Energy

How to Make Lifestyle Changes to Improve Energy

In our quest to maintain relationships, find more time, and earn more money we sometimes find ourselves drained and thinking if only I had more energy. In our minds we think of the things we could be accomplishing if our get up and go had not got up and went. For those of us who do not have a medical reason for lack of energy, and even those who do there are simple things we can do daily to improve our energy levels.

Dr. Stanley S. Bass wrote: "The amount of energy available to use depends upon the quality of the blood, lymph, nerves and energy pathways."

In reading this quote, we realize that creating energy means improving life styles because it has a lot to do with many aspects of health maintenance. If you've ever watched a toddler and were amazed at their energy then you know we can learn much from them.

Play Heartily

Children play and get breathless. They will play until they are truly winded. Exercising consistently at least three times a week for twenty minutes of breathless exercise will improve your energy levels immeasurably. Put on some of your favorite music and dance, play with your children/grand children, or your mate. Take a walk, jump rope, jump on a miniature trampoline, or run on your treadmill. Prior to taking on a new exercise routine, speak to your physician to get his/her recommendations, but do it. To get more energy, we must invest energy. Agree to exercise with a loved one to improve your odds of carry through.

Eat Properly

Enjoy complex carbohydrates because they break down slower giving a longer source of energy, also consume plenty of fruits, nuts, vegetables and beans. Avoid sugars and heavily processed foods being sure to get the needed vitamins and minerals . When it comes to energy, sugar, nicotine and alcohol are energy zappers. While an occasional drink is not harmful, alcohol abuse is extremely harmful to energy levels and overall health. Overuse of caffeine can also be detrimental.Take a Multi-vitamin if needed.

Maintain relationships.

While confrontations and unresolved issues can cause much stress and rob us of energy, close rewarding relationships can do much to improve our emotional balance. A true friend will listen in a nonjudgmental way and offer support. Giving support to a friend, or lending a helping hand when needed also boosts our own morale. Volunteer time. You will be surprised at how energized you feel from the appreciation you receive.

Get Regular Check ups

While you are talking to your family physician, talk about what is going on with you. Discuss medications. If you suffer from the "white coat syndrome" take notes with you to discuss with your doctor. Find out if you have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies and discuss herbals and your prescriptions.

Get Your Proper Rest

We create a sleep bank. If you have "overdrawn" your body will let you know in a multitude of ways, lack of energy just being one.

Statistics report that of 100,000 police-reported crashes 71,000 were injured and 1,550 are killed annually due to drowsy driving in the U.S.

Imagine if driving drowsy can be fatal, how functioning daily with a lack of sleep is effecting you. For more about sleep disorders read:

Sleep Deprivation is Serious



Look carefully at your schedule. Are their things that could be delegated to someone else? Are you going nonstop? Are you a perfectionist? Could the dust sit one more day? Is it absolutely necessary that you wipe the counter down tonight? Are you fretting over something and postponing a needed task, such as making your dental appointment? Make a list of these (postponed)things and cross them off the list, as you accomplish them. It is vastly rewarding to find a dreaded task completed, plus the visual will assist you in tackling a dreaded task next time.

Make "ME" Time

From the moment you become a parent time becomes a nonexistent commodity. I often joke with friends when they ask me how many children/grand children I have. "I don't have them, they have me!" because quickly I've found that time no longer belongs to me. But here is a valuable lesson I've learned, if you want to give more to your children, you must first renew yourself.

Whether you get it from prayer, spending time with a friend, playing with the kids, watching a movie, reading a book, journaling or enjoying a hobby does not matter. What is important is that this is truly something you want to do. If it means ignoring the dust, the ringing phone, dishes, or whatever, just enjoy yourself. No guilt allowed!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Creamy Baked Spinach

When we were growing up Popeye told us to eat our spinach, now Peter Parker of Spider man fame tells children to eat their veggies. Not bad advice even if it comes from fictional characters. Spinach is such a versatile and vitamin packed vegetable.

More recipes and nutritional information regarding spinach is available at World's Healthiest Foods Organization or whfoods.com. founded by George Mateljan. This website is chock full of cutting-edge information and I consult it often for the nutritional information of various foods. We have to eat to survive, so why not eat healthy foods while we are at it?

Things you’ll need

• Sauce pan
• Covered 1-qt baking dish
• 2 10 - oz package of frozen chopped spinach
• 2 3oz. package of low-fat cream cheese
• 4 tablespoons oleo
• 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
• 1/2 cup seasoned bread crumbs
• 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese (optional)

Step 1

Follow directions on spinach packages and cook spinach in sauce pan.

Step 2

Drain well. (Save the water for your plants or vegetable stock)

Step 3

Grease 1 quart casserole dish . Place spinach in dish.

Step 4

Stir in cream cheese, 2 tbsp. oleo and salt.

Step 5

Melt remaining oleo and toss with bread crumbs. Sprinkle over spinach mixture. Sprinkle on Parmesan cheese, if desired.

Step 6

Bake uncovered for 20 minutes until lightly browned at 350 F. Dish serves 4 - 6. Enjoy!

• Add sliced mushrooms if desired.
• Crumble bacon or place onion rings on top.


How to Improve Your Life with Epsom Salt

Picture found at: SimplySaltsOnline
Magnesium is second only to potassium in terms of concentration within the individual cells of the body. The functions of magnesium primarily revolve around its ability to activate many enzymes. Michael Murray, N.D. author of The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicines

He goes on to advise that a deficiency is extremely common particularly among the older generation and women during their premenstrual cycle. A good soak in Epsom salt can actually improve magnesium levels in our system as it can be readily absorbed through the skin. For over a dozen ways Epsom salt can improve your life read more at: How to Use Epsom Salt in a Number of Ways

I hope this information proves helpful to you and God bless.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to Cook Leaner, Lighter and Healthier

Our microwaves offer us much more than convenience and time saving features. With your microwave you can use lots less water in food preparation allowing for more vitamin and mineral retention. Not only is less water needed, but the fats can be reduced as well.

Have you noticed how fresh and wholesome vegetables taste when cooked in the microwave?

In researching ways to cook healthier with the microwave, I've found a fantastic way to avoid the tears that come with peeling and dicing onions, and a great way to make stir fry and traditional green bean casserole. I hope you will enjoy these dishes as much as my family and I do:

How to Cook Green Bean Casserole in the Microwave
How to Cook Egg Drop Soup in the Microwave
How to Cut Onions without Tears
How to Cook Chinese Stir-fry in the Microwave
How to Cook Leaner and Lighter


Monday, April 6, 2009

Shopping or...Browsing

Photo by: babyastrid.blogspot.com

Three of my four children shopped very well with me, but my baby boy, well, he was another story. When he was about three we went into a dime store. They didn't have carts so it was a real challenge to keep his hand in mine while I tried to pick up a few things I wanted to purchase. Soon I ran out of hands, and he was gone like a bullet.

He found a display of beach balls. Big colorful beach balls of every color imaginable, striped, polka dot, solid, shiny... They were all neatly stacked in a display (not for long). I laid my items down on a nearby table and ran to catch the many bouncing balls. How could one child make so many balls bounce at once? As quick as I would gather up two he would have twice as many set free. You would have thought they were alive by the way they spirited out of the display and on to the sales floor.

Thankfully he tired of this sport and I was able to get the balls all corralled and placed back where they belonged. Breathlessly I began to stand when one of the cashiers tapped me on my shoulder "Would you please go get your child off the armoire over in furniture?" So I abandon all thoughts of purchasing anything today, race over to furniture and rescue my son who is sitting fearlessly on top an armoire. I thanked the cashier and advised her that I would be back to make a purchase when I either had a sitter or they had carts.

This is how I feel sometimes on the internet. At work (I work in a call center and access customer's accounts on a computer) they call me the "Happy clicker" because I sometimes get lost, but at home, I often find myself in places that were not my intention and get distracted from the real purpose I began with. My "purchases" are placed to the side, and I go home empty handed. I don't know if I need someone's hand, or a leash, but you will find me all over the internet as either myself Judy Sheldon or my alias HardworkinJudy. Be kind and give me a gentle nudge in the right direction if you find me lost.

Take care and G♥d bless.


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