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Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Aimee`

The Real Memorial Day

It’s my eldest daughter’s birthday tomorrow. What parent does not reflect back upon the first day they were allowed to actually lay eyes on the miracle of humanity God blessed them with? Her brother had made his entrance 15 ½ months earlier and was promised a wonderful sister daily. He often put his hand on my stomach to feel the baby kick, and would call her by name as his eyes danced in delight. I would tell him that he would be a BIG brother and he would be so much help to Mommy and Daddy. He could help feed and bathe his little sister. Yes, we were ready.

Getting Ready for Baby

I hand crocheted baby blankets, bonnets, booties, sweaters and blankets. We put the screws back into the crib after her older brother had shaken them out. We tested them to be sure they were secure. We bought a bigger stroller and another high chair. She was due on the 2nd of the month. My first born was born at 7 months so the prenatal ward I visited placed me on a strict diet to ensure our health. I was not allowed to eat sugar, salt or butter. I was closely monitored. Finally on the 27th day past her due date the doctor performed an amniocentesis to determine whether labor should be induced. He sent me home to await the results, but that night I went into labor, and my beautiful daughter was born the next day, on Memorial day (as if I would ever forget the day!) This was before sonograms, so there was no test conducted to see where my daughter was, lying in my womb, before the long needle was inserted into my swollen belly. I tease my daughter now that perhaps the doctor pricked her with the needle and she decided to get out of her comfortable home.

I Want to See her Now!

After her birth I became despondent. I had lost a lot of blood so they wheeled her away before I got to see her. How could they? Hadn’t I waited 9 months and 28 days? Hadn’t I loved and nourished her all along? I had prepared for this long awaited day, and they just whisked her away. I cried until they brought me my baby, and then after I counted each finger and toe and satisfied myself that she was perfect, I could finally settle down and sleep. When it came to creating the human body, God surpassed our wildest hopes and expectations. We are truly miraculous. Forgive me, I stray from the topic.

Whose Gift is this?

Aimee`, it is your birthday, but I am the one who has been blessed. You have been such a wondrous gift to your mother. You have grown into a lovely young lady and a wonderful mother. You have made me proud countless times. I named you Aimee` because it means beloved, and I wanted you to realize that more often than you hear your name. When your heart aches, so does mine, and when yours is full, mine is too. If one can actually be selfish when they give a gift, I am guilty, because your joy means so much to me that seeing your face light up when you receive a gift is more than enough for me. If I could wrap up your heart’s desires and tie them with a bow, don’t you know I would? Enjoy your day and the many that follow. You have fulfilled my heart’s desire by being you!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Versatility of an Osage Orange

Did the Indians Name the Fruit?

Osage pronounced with a long "o" and a long "a", has the same name of the Native American Osage Indians. The Osage orange has several names, but even more uses.

Some Interesting Facts about the Osage Orange

After having a friend ask me to research Osage oranges for her, I found very little information doing a Google search. Another friend who uses AOL, sent me several links to research. Time after time, I came away from reading the offered content with so many fascinating facts. I can't give you all of them, or you won't read my article.

  • The wood is beautiful with hues of orange.
  • Thorns are found on the male tree only, and these are strong enough to puncture a tire!
  • The female trees are the only ones to bare fruit.
  • The wood is termite proof.
Alan Hirt, who goes by seedmart (66043) sells a large variety of fruit, herbal, vegetable and flower seeds on eBay. He graciously gave me permission to reprint his photos and use the information he posted there to write my article:


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

A dear friend of mine made me familiar with “Wordless Wednesdays” as we added my fur baby to my blog. I love the alliteration, and appreciate so much her inspiration. Icy Cucky or BC Doan as she is also known as is as close to me as a sister. We are indeed sisters on the internet linked by commonly shared life hurdles and the passion to write. You can check out her blogs Reach Beyond Limits and Wandering Thoughts; linked on the side of mine and be treated to brilliant photography taken by her and her son interspersed with her wisdom and love.

Another close friend I have grown to know and love through our communications daily on Triond, Bukisa, and other internet sites is Chan Lee Peng. Chan also has a strong desire to improve the health issues of mankind and spends countless hours researching health issues. Check Chan out by clicking on the link "Health Assist" under the list of blogs I am following. Chan also shares with Icy and I the passion to write so you can find our content at the above sites; Triond, eHow, and Bukisa.

So this is Thursday, my “thankful” Thursday. What are you thankful for? Here are just a few of the many blessings I am grateful for:



I’m thankful ..
When I serve dinner, it is with heaping dishes
Full of food and not just wishes
When I go online and forget my way
My friends offer advice so I won’t stray
When life’s pressures tend to stress
They always see me at my best
My fur babies greet me each night
Their love helps set things right
I’m quite overjoyed
That I’m gainfully employed
The little pay is better than none
And I can write when I am done
I wander from one site to another
Visiting sister, visiting brother,
The internet is such a tiny place
I can fit all my friends in one small space
Love you guys,
Judy Sheldon

Send your friends or loved ones a thank you card! I show you how to make a home made card at:

How to Create Your Own Card


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

What You Say?

All Done!

All Photos by Judy! Enjoy...


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Knock Knock

Recently we celebrated mother's day, and in less than a month it will be our father's turn for their moment in the spot light. While little girls are taught to nurture at a young age, sometimes it is more difficult for our male counterparts to master this skill. Then again, there are those females who have not taken to their roles well either. My mother was not one of them, which makes me appreciate her all the more. I never had pause to question her love. She was in my corner without fail.

Unfortunately, we are not always blessed with parents who are ever present in our lives. They may be absent emotionally or physically, as in Daniel Beaty's empowering poem. He expresses that even if our father's (and/or mothers) are not all that they should be we must find the strength within us to "knock" on the barriers and make our way through life. Listen to Daniel's powerful poem again and again. Please listen to it. You will not be disappointed.

Watch it here:

I'm a bit hesitant to add mine after his because his is so inspiring, but here it is:

A Stranger Lives with Me

There is someone deep inside of me you never tried to know
I would have done anything for you and tied it in a bow
Were you afraid of who I’d be if you’d let me go?
You knew my name, you knew my face, and became my foe

Every time I expressed a thought, you made me feel so dumb
Although I tried to make you proud, the day would never come
I’d look into your eyes, when you were looking far away
I tried to read your thoughts; you grew more distant every day

Your face was etched with worry lines, anger flashed there too
When you came home frustrated, I was clueless what to do
You didn’t need a belt; your strong hands were quite enough
All those beatings weakened me, they never made me tough

I studied you to see if I, could somehow make your day
But all I seemed to do each night, was get into your way
While other girls attended dances with their dads at school
I practiced how to placate, but was made to feel a fool

Now that I’m all grown up, I’ve children of my own
And my husband acts like you,
Look at the seeds we've sown

by Judy Sheldon-Walker


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to Make Every Minute Count

I've often felt that I'm on a pathway to no where. The stop watch is ticking, the race begins, but there is no end in sight. I just keep running and running....

and someone keeps moving the finish line. In fact at this point, I'm not even sure what it looks like. If you feel like your "To - do list" is growing longer and longer, your time, energy and finances shorter. Maybe I can assist you with some tips to make the most of every moment, so you won't feel like this little squeeze toy.

If it Fits in a Tote Bring it.

Plan ahead when going to the doctor's office, or any where else that you may have prolonged sitting time. Take advantage of this time by sewing on a button, balancing your check book, writing out bills, filing your nails, reading a book, writing out your grocery list... If it is a chore you can place in a tote, bring it along.

Keep Your Grocery List in the Car

Write out a grocery list that includes everything you ever purchase. Better yet go to: Simple and Delicious and print one up. Tick off the items you need, and keep this in your car so that any time you are near the store you can pick up the items you need.

Don't Short Cut Your Family

One place you can never take a short cut on is showing your family that you love them. Place a sticky note on your child's book or your husband's lunch with a smiley face or "I love you." This is a time investment that is well spent.

Plan Trips Ahead

While running errands plan them so that you cover less territory, for example patronize stores nearer your home, and plan to go during the hours when traffic is lighter so that you can get in out of the stores quicker. You will not only save time but gas.

Get the Best Appointment Time

Make yours and your family member’s doctor and dentist appointments back to back so that you can get them all done at once. Make yours the first appointment of the day, or the first after lunch so you don't have to wait as long.

Pay Bills Online

Pay bills online when possible, saving money on stamps and the time involved in writing out bills.
Set them up on auto pay if possible.

• Make your to do list color coded with your most urgent tasks being red.
• Reward yourself when you complete all the "red" tasks on the list.
• Delegate chores to other family members.
• Don't forget to allow for some "Me time", because you are important.
• Don't feel guilty if you don't spend every moment being productive.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Unknown Treasures

Back in 1925 a young man sold his father on an idea to market Burma-Shave using clever sayings painted on small road side signs. As children my sister and I were immediately drawn to them when our family was out riding. The ad consisted of 6 small signs with a portion of the jingle on each of five, and Burma-Shave on the sixth. We memorized quite a few of them, finding them quite catchy.

Alan Odell was the young man. His father, Clinton reluctantly handed over the $200 needed to give it a try, and it worked.

According to Burma Shave's web page there were 7,000 Burma Shave signs stretched across the country.

Here is small samplings of the many:

These signs we gladly dedicate to men who've had no date of late. Burma-Shave

On curves ahead remember sonny that rabbit's foot didn't save that bunny. Burma-Shave

The place to pass on curves you know is only at a beauty show. Burma-Shave

Burma-Shave was such a boom. They passed the bride and kissed the groom.

One set of signs has been preserved by the Smithsonian Institution. It reads:

Shaving brushes you'll soon see 'em on a shelf in a museum. Burma-Shave

For more click on the link above.

There was a reason I picked up this Burma-Shave jar I found at a thrift store the other day for less than a dollar.

  1. It brought back happy memories from my childhood.
  2. Maybe it will be worth more some day?
  3. It reminds me that some times an idea has more merit than we first thought it did.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Terrible Secret


Before reading this, let me warn you that this runs a bit deeper than my usual content. If I offend anyone, I am deeply sorry.

Abuse Traumatizes

I have a terrible horrid secret that only my closest friends know about. I wrestle with it often. Sometimes it goes unnoticed for days on end but other times it rears its ugly head for days at a time. It causes me to toss and turn at night, to examine my feelings, my past, present and future, even my relationship with my heavenly father. It is such a conflict of emotions in the many that well up inside of me. It has me often on the brink of tears because of the pain it causes. Many of my loved ones, me included, have been traumatized by sexual, physical and/or verbal abuse. It is something that is not easily forgotten. The carelessness with which an individual can degrade another amazes me. Another thing that astonishes me is the complete lack of remorse, as if there is nothing wrong with inflicting pain on another.

Not All Men are Equal

Some of my best friends are men. There are some I admire and cherish, but sometimes I actually hate men. Yes, I said it. My sons, unfortunately, have heard more than their fair share of my rantings on this topic. Sometimes I would be speechless by the absurdity of the situation and simply utter "Men!" My oldest son asked me one day "Mom what do you want me to be when I grow up?" I looked at him dumb founded as the impact of his question hit me and answered "different!"

There are scars that run very deep. I hear them talking about women as though we are a disposable product like a condom. We are of value until the moment passes where we are “soiled”. We are the objects of their lust and disrespect. We are "loved" until it is no longer convenient or fulfilling, or another pretty face strikes their fancy.

Disposable People

Do they want us so badly, and then hate themselves for giving into their desire? Let me please clarify this, not all men are like this, but unfortunately for us (women) those who are, are not packaged in such a way that we can tell at sight. It is only after a woman invests herself emotionally that she finds out. My father thought it was all right to take his anger out on his daughters. He set the stage for what was to come. If he came in from a bad day at work, two little girls were the recipient of his anger.


Although I have tried desperately to break this pattern, it seems that I am destined to be in an unfulfilled relationship. For more about being co-dependent read:

When Love Hurts

Don’t get me wrong. My current husband is not physically abusive. I am still reeling over past hurts. If he raises his voice ever so much I am transported back in time to another panic laden scene. I picked up the newspaper today and read about a man who flew into a rage and killed his 72 year old mother and 3 year old daughter. What could they have done to deserve such a fate? What chance did either have in this struggle to remain alive?

Tired of the Target Practice

Sometimes we are the target of their anger, the victims of their insecurity and the ones to shoulder the responsibility for everything that did not go right in their day. I have been blamed for everything from the weather to a traffic delay and called everything but a child of God. Weren’t we created by God to be man’s help mate? So why do some men think that means we are to be their slave? Yes, I am ranting. The steam is beginning to build and the locomotive is coming full steam ahead. I’m hurt. I’m angry. I’m tired, and I just want to be able to live a peaceful life without having to walk on egg shells and be disrespected. I want people to stop hurting and using one another. Is that asking too much? How many men would put up with the crap they ask us to? (Again - not all men)

If You're Hurting, Please Get Out!

Rant over, for now. I hope you don't judge me too harshly and if you are a victim of abuse I hope you get out. No one deserves to be abused!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Memories of May Baskets


While growing up we had a charming tradition which I hear nothing of any more. On May 1st we (our family) would gather together and pack a shoe box full of goodies. Sometimes we would make cookies and include them, other times it would include fresh fruit, home popped pop corn, and maybe even a puzzle or a game. We would decorate the box with colored tissue paper and ribbons and then go calling on a friend. It may have been a box, but we called it a "May basket".

This is where it got exciting because you would knock on the recipient's door, gently placing the basket on their front step as you turned to run and hide. Once they came to the door and found the "basket" they would have to come outside and find you. Once found you were obligated to partake of the packed lunch with them. Of course you didn’t hide too good because half the fun was being discovered.

Our Sunday school class did a variation of this in that the boy’s names were placed in a bowl. The girls drew names. We then had to pack a lunch for two and bring it to a get together planned for our youth group. We came to the social with a gift wrapped shoe box which was given to our Sunday school teacher in a paper bag so that it could not be seen until the last minute. The young men were given the wrapped box not knowing who had made the lunch until they unwrapped the box and found the girl's name inside and asked her to join him for lunch.

These were enjoyable ways to usher in the beginning of spring and share our friendships. Spring is the season for planting, and this was a nice way to “renew friendships”.


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