Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies

Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Treat Yourself Head to Toe

Witch Hazel Discovered by Medicine Men

Early herbalists found that a tea made from the bark or leaves of this plant could check internal and external bleeding because of its high level of tannins, which are natural astringents. The early Mohegan Indian tribe created a concoction of the leaves and twigs to treat cuts, bruises, and insect bites.

The Oneida Indian medicine men worked closely with a young American pharmacist to create and patent the medicine under the trade name of Golden Pond. For more about the history of this medicine read here.

There are more than a dozen ways to save money using this practical herbal remedy. For many of them read here.

Photo Sources:

Witch Hazel Sunburn Blossom


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks for a Smile!

Here it is, thankful Thursday again. My best friend meets me for lunch. We laugh, we talk, and oh yes, we eat. She waits patiently until I get there and then we eat. We enjoy finger food the best.

I have a smile on my face when I go back to work. I have friends within driving distance that mean the world to me. You didn't know they let Panda's drive?

They (friends) lighten the load, and I hope I do the same for them. Then there are wonderful friends I've met during our internet travels, people that share the love of writing. If you like my friend and my picture (aren't we cute?) you can see more of us at Triond:

Panda: From Birth to Growth by Chan Lee Peng
My Incredibly Extraordinary Life as a Panda by Chan Lee Peng

Chan has written two marvelous stories loaded with humor, pictures, and panda facts. We let Chan in on a few of our very private secrets and you can read about them here. Shh! Don't tell anyone.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flowers for all our Senses

Flowers amaze, soothe, and stimulate us with their fragrance and beauty. They are added to lotions, potions, oils, and perfumes. Flowers are used in bath water and beauty treatments and help gain the good graces of our beloved, but when is the last time you ate one?

I laughed when I saw a former co-worker pluck a petal off of a rose and put it into his mouth. He informed me there are many flowers we can eat and part of his field training in the military taught him this. Being skeptical I researched. A portion of my article reads:

"Supposedly audiences snacked on stewed primroses and drank rose and refreshing drinks made from carnations while watching early Shakespeare plays. An early account of a medieval feast tells of venison seasoned with marigolds, roses gracing the stews and salads containing wild onions and violets. Edible flowers were extremely popular during Queen Victoria's reign." For more recipes using flowers and a list of flowers to eat and not to eat read: Don't Just Smell the Roses; Eat them!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why do we call Coffee Joe?

Who is Right?

Ask the question Why is a cup of coffee called Joe and you may get more than one answer. I like the one I found at Mahalo.com best. Her explanation was that the term was used primarily in the military in connection with a once popular song written by Stephen Collins Foster
"Old Black Joe". The slang term was popular enough to be included in the Reserve Officer's Manual of 1930 with an explanation of java (the coffee bean) and jamoke, which is pronounced ja-moh-kee.

Joe Cartright or the Secretary of the Navy?

Another answer I found online stated it was called Joe because of Bonanza's popularity and Joe Cartwright's fondness for coffee. Answers.yahoo.com refers to the Secretary of Navy Josephus Daniels who in 1913 banned alcohol on U.S. Navy ships causing coffee to become more popular. Now we can decide which answer seems more plausible.

Coffee was First Prescribed

According to The Food Pharmacy by Jean Carper, a well-known authority on health and nutrition, coffee actually came to Europe from Arabia in the 1600s and was used as a medicine at the time, not a beverage. In France during the seventeenth century it was controlled by physicians and the coffee bean was sold more often as a drug than a beverage. For more about coffee click here.

Photo source


Friday, June 19, 2009


Before I even get started, let me offer my sympathy to those who don't know what a Friday off is because they quite honestly work every day without a day off. I experienced that while working in the prison as a correctional officer. There would be scheduled off days, but getting to actually use them was an entirely different


Then there are those who have small children and those who work retail. While working retail I would hear repeatedly from the customers we waited on Saturdays and Sundays, "Have a good week end!" Politely I would respond with "You too!" knowing we seldom saw two days off together, let alone a week end. Parents know the demands of parenting do not let up. Some of us would be happy to get a good nights sleep and know better than to ask for the week end to ourselves.

Now that I have my apologies and disclaimers out of the way, I can say it. Finally, it's Friday. I love writing. All day at work today I heard coworkers sighing and saying "Finally, it's Friday!" I'm sure many of them have plans for their week end.

I can spend more time on my blog and my articles. I can research and read. I can selfishly have some "me" time. See the middle picture on the right? This is similar to my work space throughout the week. We sit almost elbow to elbow and take calls assisting customers. I'm not complaining. I've a job, while some are not as fortunate. I make very little, so have to try and eke out some pennies by writing on my week end. If you knew how little I actually made, you'd ask why I write. I love it. I'd write for nothing.

Some of my friends and I have put together some ways to pinch our pennies. Check our ideas out. Feel free to add some of your own. We can help one another. You'd be surprised at some of the good ideas we've come up with.

Take care and God bless!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thankful Thursdays & Every other Day!

I'm rather new at taking pictures with a digital camera, but it's fun. The camera's eye captures things the human eye misses, but then there are many wonders daily we (I at least) overlook. I'm going to make a concentrated effort to mention some of those each Thursday.

One of the things that continually amazes me is how plants multiply. From just one seed come many. I pray I never lose my vision. The potential is unlimited!

Scattered Seeds

Man was first
A work of art
Creativity burst
Adam woke with a start

From Adam's rib
Came a lovely form
Out of their love
The world was born

Thousands of years
Came and went
Here we are
It's evident

If never I do
Another deed
I've carried my children
Delivered their seed

Seeds of love
We did employ
Peppered with pain
Abundant in joy

Our garden is tended
by God above
And blooms daily
With His love.

The scattering of seeds
Was all designed
To fill the needs
Of all mankind

by Judy Sheldon-Walker


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Saturday, June 13, 2009

School's Out

School's out and our children are home for the summer. Have you made plans for the summer? If you're like me you don't have the luxury of staying home with them, but want the time you do spend with them to mean something. We like to know that we have created memories that will warm their hearts, build character and put a smile on their faces (and ours) years to come.

My friend Icy, BC Doan and I have compiled a list of some ideas to help you out this summer. I hope you enjoy these activities as much as we did! You can tell Icy wrote the first one because I am all thumbs on the computer. My grandchildren and Icy help me when I get stuck.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Touch Them and Teach Them

We are given opportunities daily to uplift one another, much as this father is doing with his young son, and our heavenly father does for us.
Do we use these moments wisely?

Touch them and teach them.
I know you can reach them.
You're our Great Father,
The maker of all.

Touch them and teach them.
Love them and reach them.
For without your great mercy,
We would all fall.

Lord, help me to. .

Touch them and teach them,
Then I'll beseech them,
To let your love guide them,
As we answer your call.

by Judy Sheldon-Walker

To all father's Happy Father's Day! May your day be blessed, and your opportunities to bless plentiful.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tasty Spaghetti Vegetable Dip

Healthy Finger Foods

Here is another way to improve the odds that your family will eat finger foods, and by finger foods I mean fresh vegetables, not the finger foods I call "linger" foods because they "linger" on the middle. You know chips, cookies, candy, the many things that are convenient and ward off hunger momentarily while offering nothing in the way of nutrition and actually decreasing energy levels over the long haul.

Spices & Vegetables - a Healthy Combo

What makes this vegetable dip even better is that it contains spices rich in anti-oxidants and calcium from the low-fat sour cream. For more information about how spices improve our health read Spice Your Way to a Healthier Life.

You can feel good about your family eating fresh vegetables because they are high in nutrition, fat free and will help build their immune system.

This vegetable dip is super simple to make. You remove the stem from your pepper, cut the top off it to form a bowl and remove the insides. Place the insides and top in the blender. It gives your dip a unique flavor and even more nutrition and color. Use green, yellow, orange or red bell peppers. They make a colorful bowl and can be sliced and eaten when done. The recipe can be found at Spaghetti Vegetable Dip.

Are you getting the impression that I love healthy food? Try it, you will too and your body will love you for it.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Excess Weight and Your Health

Excess Weight and Your Health

Obesity causes health risks and unfortunately it is effecting us at younger and younger ages. With over two thirds of Americans suffering from obesity and related diseases steps need to be taken to ensure proper diet and physical activity is taught to the public.

Obese Toddlers Removed from Homes

Babies are being treated for dental decay because of being fed from bottles containing sugary drinks and toddlers are showing up with diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Parents are either feeding children improperly due to ignorance of proper nutrition or lack of concern. Which is it? Regardless the child welfare agencies have felt the need to step in and remove children from homes for their own protection. In some cases parents have been charged with neglect.

Excess Weight Effects Your Health and Increases Risks for Developing:

  • coronary artery disease
  • diabetes
  • gall bladder disease
  • kidney disease
  • stroke
  • hypertension
  • premature death
The excessive weight increase stress on the back, legs and internal organs causing health problems in many areas. Complications of pregnancy and liver disease are also more prevalent in overweight individual, as well as irregularity.

Obesity Causes Emotional Distress

This does not even encompass the emotional ordeals faced by those who are overweight, low self esteem, lack of energy and depression being a part of that.

Surveys indicate that at any given time one quarter to one half of Americans are on some sort of diet or other. At the bottom of all this is poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

Proper Weight Requires a Commitment

Proper weight requires a commitment to proper diet and activities and we must begin at an early age. If we are to help our children learn healthy lifestyles, we need to curtail their intake of sugary drinks and foods containing calories and little else. We need to commit to increasing their intake of natural fruits and vegetables and to ensure they engage in physical exercise by leading by example.

Obesity is Malnutrition

Why is it that our hearts break when we witness scenes of children overseas (they should), but we don't give a second thought to what we are doing to our own children at home? While eating foods high in calories and low in nutrition we are depriving our bodies of much needed nutrients.

Make Healthy Choices

When we guzzle down soda pop and eat fast food, such as burgers and fries, we cannot expect them to make healthy choices. Study the menus, if you must use fast food and select foods that are both healthy and nutritious. Limit your time in front of the computer and take time to enjoy activities that increase your heart beat.

Please consult your doctor prior to embarking on a new diet or exercise regiment.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Winners of the Neno's Award

Crayola Can't, But You Can!

Could you imagine a generic world, I mean one where everything was the color of newsprint, simply black and white? God created more colors than we can name. Crayola tried but fell dreadfully short, but I have been out blog hopping and the creativity I've found is refreshing, colorful, beautiful, fun, child safe, exhilarating...

My Selections for the Award:

Well let me just give you the list, and you can check them out for yourself. Be careful, you may neglect your own while you visit these.

B. C. Doan or Icy Cucky:

Reach Beyond Limits

Wandering Thoughts


Piano Lady: Nancy

Michelle Cameron Drew:

Poetic Expression


Billy the Kid


Jodi's Journey

Michelle or Jo:

Michelle O'Leary


Resident Chef

Joshua Miguel:

Joshua Miguel Health Buzz Online

Now the Winners Must:

* Upload the image in your post

* Mention the person that gives you the award with their blog link.

* Nominate your blogs of choice with blog owner's name and link.

* Leave a comment on the recipients' post to let them know.

Thanks Icy, for your nomination, now the award has been re gifted. Enjoy and keep making our blogosphere beautiful everyone. I hand the award on to capable hands and talented bloggers.


My Photo Bucket Album


Monday, June 1, 2009

Make Your Own Upside Down Tomato Planter


TeLove Page and Judy Sheldon

Add More Tomatoes to your Diet!

Lately every time we turn around health care professionals are advising us how good tomatoes are for us. They are wonderful in a multitude of different dishes, or eaten raw. According to Prevention's Healing With Vitamins a study in Italy found that individuals eating seven or more servings of tomatoes weekly were 60% less likely to have cancer of the stomach, colon or rectum than those who ate two or few servings weekly.

Avoid the Weeds and Pests

If you are tired of weeding and keeping the insects and pests away from your home grown tomatoes how about growing them in an upside down planter? It's easy. My girl friend Jeanne does it every year and she showed me how to make my own planter. I used a kitty litter container and an old hanging planter rope, but coat hangers work, gallon milk jugs... It's the principal.


Plus every plastic jug you recycle & put to use is one less in the land fills. I had one made in less than a half hour and can't wait to taste my own juicy tomatoes! They've grown several inches already! To find out how read: How to Make Your Own Upside Tomato Planter



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