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Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Pets

The Love of a Pet

Brownie, don't look at Mama like that. You are breaking my heart.

He Stole my Heart from Day 1

He stole my heart the day he came home with me, so small he fit in the palm of my hand. My baby boy Chris, purchased him for me for as an early Christmas present. He was my running buddy until he disappeared one bitterly cold winter morning less than a year ago. I tied him up outside only a moment, long enough
. to take care of his personal business. I reached for my box of cereal to pour my customary bowl of cereal for breakfast, then turned to let him back in the back door, which is in my kitchen.

He's Gone!

I looked through the glass screen door and saw the leash laying on the back step. Frantically I called and called him. Even my husband, who was not particularly fond of him came and helped me look. I looked until I had to go to work and called my youngest daughter begging her to come over and take up the search. She came over promptly, looked every where and knocked on all of my neighbor's door. Supposedly no one saw anything. Working close to home, I came home at lunch and canvassed the neighborhood. I called both shelters in the area. My fur buddy is gone. I even went twice to look for myself.

My Shadow

He was my best bud for the past three years, and now is probably/hopefully someone else's. He shadowed me every where I went and had this way of looking at me with his head cocked to one side, as if he was hanging on every word I said. I just hope they treat my buddy good. I came across a short video my son took of him while playing with my camera and it brought tears to my eyes. I included it in one of my blog posts so when I browse the photos I can see him wag his tail from time to time.

Cookie Loves him too

He loves/d fetch. He was so good at it and would play tirelessly any time he got the chance. Cookie, his cat sister would groom him and sleep with him. They were good friends and playmates, both being the same size. I loved to watch her jump up on the furniture and pounce on him when he ran by. He loved it too. She just laid around for months after he disappeared.


This is Cookie with her litter. Some how the kittens took her mind off her brother for awhile, but she still doesn't play with them like she did him.

Created Equal?

I have had some very special dogs in my day, but I think Brownie meant more to me than all of them put together. When you have a pet that touches your heart like Brownie touched mine, you've got to be grateful. Not all animals, or people for that matter are created equal, even if the law states that they are. There is a special element about some that touch something deep within.
Brownie had inspired me to write this article: The Unsung Heroes, and I jokingly put a paw print on it to make him feel like he had contributed something to the content because he did. :) After all inspiration ranks pretty high in my book.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wondering What to Cook?

Do you belong to Stumble Upon? If you do you probably receive random content from time to time to look over, vote on, save and share if you like. I was sent something I found fascinating and am sure will be useful one day. I was so impressed I called my daughter (the one who loves to cook) immediately and told her about it. This girl knew how to read a cook book before she could read a school book. This site is made for people like her.

Check off your Items

This site has a chart of items you might find in the typical fridge and another chart for the cupboard. You simply check off items and submit. CookingByNumbers.com will you send you a recipe and even place it on an e-card if you want to send it someone else.


I checked off a couple items in both lists and hit the button. Wala, I had a list of recipes to select from with step by step instructions. No more running to the store for last minute ingredients. I found several recipes to choose from.

picture sources:
Stumble Upon


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Roses Aren't Just for Romance

What woman does not love getting a bouquet of roses? I am sure many a man has wooed the woman of his dreams with roses. Did you know that roses have been used since time began medicinally for their antiseptic powers and to soften skin? Natural rose water made with genuine rose oil in a spritzer freshens skin and helps clear up acne. The wonderful fragrance also works to improve the spirits.


Indulge yourself in a wonderful soak made up of rose oil. Add some rosemary if you like to aid in improving your memory, because rosemary is one of those herbs that can enter your system through your skin. Add some Epsom salt too because magnesium has wonderful calming properties.

Improve Your Mood

Flower essences are made by soaking flowers in pure spring water. The concentrates are diluted and sipped to aid in relief of emotional disturbances and physical disturbances. Rose essentials are said to be used for treatment of sudden alarm, terror, panic, nightmares, and feelings of horror. For more uses of rose oil read here and enjoy!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursdays - Humor

I've long been fascinated by words. Websters shows multiple meanings for many and then we can add more simply by changing the context, tone, or placing the wrong one in the wrong place. Then we have pictures too, and a picture can sometimes say it so much better than words. I wanted to share with you some of the signs I've come across. It makes you wonder about the intent.

And the reason for posting this sign is?

Thanks for the concern about MY health. So if the animals eat me, they might get sick. Do you think I'll recover?

Are you buying this story. It seems it is for sale.

When they tell you to stand up for what you believe in, they weren't speaking about here. I don't think one can even "limbo" this low.

Lady fingers anyone? I've heard they are quite popular with the pigeons.

The holy family cat has spoken and that's that! No Dogs Allowed!

Maybe the business was just starting out and they could not afford two signs, but I'm not sure I would want both these messages on one sign. Hmm....

If you know me, you know my nickname is HardworkinJudy, so I could not resist this last one to close out my post. I have worked hard today. Poor girl, her hand is still on the mouse. She kind of puts me in the mind of the way my husband "watches" television late at night, only he is clutching the remote.

It is well past my bed time, so good night all and take care.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spotlight on Herbs

I have always been fascinated by herbal remedies, but only started writing about them in 2007. Wonderful news needs to be shared.

My first two articles about spices included a large variety of herbs and spices with overviews of the many health benefits. After all it would be impossible to include all the health benefits of various herbs and spices in a single article. I have near a dozen books on them and know these books could not possibly contain all there is to know, but today I received an invitation to visit a new web site (new to me).

It was a wonderful and rare treat.
The soothing background of the web page was lined with leaves and peppered with brightly colored photos of various herbs. These beautiful herbal flowers and plants are used in a tempting array of teas, extracts and other herbal products which are defined and sold at this site.

"Herbs– especially those employed for medicinal uses– may encompass a wider range of plants and plant parts. Shrubs and trees, for example, as well as mosses, algae & fungi provide us with a myriad of uses and can all be incorporated into natures pharmacy and referred to as ‘Herbs’."
Adam McClean

Check out the glossary

I love the glossary. I will be gleaning information there for all my upcoming herbal articles. I found the most amazing photos here with a brief over view of a large variety of herbs. Adam is still adding to the site and I will look forward to going back to see what he has added.

The best source for nutrition information

If you are craving a certain food and wondering why, or know you are deficient in a certain vitamin look it up here. If the food is worth eating you will find out the best means to store and prepare it, what the nutrients are in it and what health saving properties are contained in it. This site also offers food charts and recipes. It is the most comprehensive site I have ever seen on food, herbs, spices and nutrition. It is owned by George Mateljan who is a leading expert on nutrition and the founder of the Worlds Healthiest Food Organization.

I've only started my journey on herbal research. The journey is a joyful and fascinating one. If interested my links for various herbal articles can be found here:


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Growing "Like a Weed"

Family members that we would visit only once or twice a year would tell me each and every time they saw me "Look at you! You are growing like a weed!"

Compared to a weed!

I was told this more times than I care to remember. At that time I did not like being compared to a weed, but now that I am older I have a lot more respect for "weeds."

"Weeds" are Resilient, Hardy, and Useful!

For example, look at this resilient and hardy specimen. This graceful flower is anything but delicate, and anything but a weed. Queen Annes Lace has been well known for its medicinal properties way before any of us were born. For more information about this wonderful plant click on the words "Queen Annes Lace." Here you will find many uses and some of the interesting history of this plant.

They Grow Anywhere!

I drove by an abandoned building today and marveled at all the wonderful "weeds" growing through mere cracks in the pavement. I've often been amazed by the growth in my own drive way. I even have a sapling growing, and more growing in my eaves troughs. Despite the conditions we humans provide for growing, vegetation thrives. I had to snap pictures of them, so I use them to remind myself of the benefits of being compared to a weed!

Plantains/Nature's Band Aid

Pictured in the upper left corner, and then the bottom right are plantains. These "weeds" are also called "nature's band aid. If you click on the word "plaintains" you will be taken to an article about the many health benefits of this particular herb. For example:

"One of the common ingredients found in fiber and weight loss products is psyllium or plantain. These products are used to aid in digestion and to help ease the patient’s hunger."

Dandelions/More Nutrition than Spinach!

Another hardy "weed" found growing every where is the dandelion. In fact it seems the harder we try to get rid of them, the more we find them blooming every where. Dandelions are used for teas, salads, wines, herbs, and eaten as greens. It has been used for treating broken bones, and for kidney, liver, and gall bladder problems among other things.

The more I research "weeds" the more respect I have for them and for our creator. If weeds can grow any where and provide us with multiple uses, should we not strive to persevere the road blocks set up for us? The wonderful plants reach for the sky and continue to grow. We should too. A little pavement does not stop them and a few road blocks should not stop us.


It's the THOUGHT that Counts

My Treasures

When my children were growing up I always had colored pictures and drawings hanging by tape or magnets on the fridge. There were treasured home made gifts on my dresser and hanging from the Christmas tree. I used my home made jewelery box until it literally fell apart. My daughter had glued different shaped macaroni on a cigar box then spray painted it gold. Actually it was quite pretty. I often wondered where their teachers got all their marvelous ideas from. I had decorated baby foods jars with their smiling faces on them, bookmarks, planters, etc.

The idea that my children had taken the time to create their little works of art for me was touching, and I'm still like that. My grandchildren make me homemade cards all the time, and make them for their parents at my home. So what if we have to scrub the floor to get the glitter and glue off of the dining room floor after? It warms my heart that they are thinking about the happiness of someone else.

Remembering back to sticky kisses and hugs warms my heart all over again. I would not trade one kiss or hug for an expensive piece of jewelery or a new dress. I miss those days. Now I have to borrow a grandchild to get hugs and kisses. The enthusiasm and eagerness with which they embrace the day is so refreshing. The inquisitive look on little faces as they listen intently to your explanations, the endless whys, my research to try and answer those, the obedience and respect, the love and the thoughtfulness.... Life is good, but what would it be without children? God bless them, and that is my thought for today.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thankful Thursdays - God's Wonders


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - A day with my grand daughter

A week end with my grand daughter

I was blessed with the presence of one of my many grandchildren this week end. My little shadow was attentive and attention seeking all at once as only a child can be.

Photo Editing

We took pictures and she helped Grandma crop the pictures. She was so fascinated as the pictures took new shape with the program that I installed with my camera. Then we happened to stumble upon this box that said insert text. I wondered if that was how Icy put her name on her photos. Well, it was time to click the button and find out what we could do.

Look Grandma, we can change colors!

Re`membrence insisted on having her name embedded on at least one picture. It was her idea to try and color my name to match the flower. She felt that would look better.

There are more pictures on my other two blogs, listed below. We took the top one at my bank and the rose at my girl friend Jeanne's home.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thanks Icy!

If it had not been for Icy (BC Doan) I would not have wondered how to get my name embedded into my photos. She has truly inspired me to take more pictures by the gorgeous pictures she always posts on her blog.

These flowers are beautiful and carefree. They grow in front of my home and have not bloomed for the last few years. I love them because they bring back childhood memories of picking them along the roadside and bringing them home to Mom. She often said that if she could keep all the flowers alive that her girls brought home, she would have a bath tub full of them.

My girl friend, Jeanne told me that if they stop blooming you need to loosen the soil a little around their bulbs. I took a shovel and just loosened the soil some and look! I've some pretty smart friends., and I'm grateful to have them.

Forgive me, but I'm pretty excited about my blooms, and about my being able to place my name in my pictures. God is good and those little things in life keep me smiling! Thanks Re`membrence for helping me pick out colors and fonts to go with our flowers. It's nice to spend special time with our grand children.


Monday, July 6, 2009

An Apple a Day...

Stay Healthy

Who hasn't heard the old saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"?
Well, there is a lot of truth in that saying, and with approximately 7000 different types there is one for everyone to enjoy. An apple is a highly portable snack, low in fat and high in nutrition.

Store Well, Carry with Ease

Apples keep well for up to two weeks if stored in a cool, dark place, or in the fridge. They lend themselves favorably to a host of recipes such as two of my favorites Waldorf Salad and Branapple Crisp.

Fight Breast Cancer

A recent Cornell University study indicates that eating an apple a day can decrease the risk of breast cancer by 1/4. Apples contain cancer-fighting phenolic compounds. For a wealth of other health benefits found in apples read more at Apples: The Wonder Fruit.

picture source


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where Did it Go?

I try to get my household chores done, spend time with the family, publish an article or two.... My dilemma inspired this following poem.

Where Did it Go?

I had one last Friday
I don't know where it went
I checked back on Monday
And it was all spent
I looked in my purse
I checked in my car
I asked all I knew
It couldn't go far
I went to the store
They had none in stock
The cashier suggested
I purchase a clock. .
A small portion was used
For household chores
A little bit more
Sitting outdoors
Eating, sleeping and worship
Came into play
Time with the grand kids
Was the high point of each day
But now that it's over
I've searched high and low
Where is my week end?
Does anyone know?

by Judy Sheldon-Walker

I know I'm not alone in this. It seems I barely get my week end, and it's gone. I think it has something to do with that old saying "Time flies when you're having fun!"

I've enjoyed my holiday week end and hope you have too. Take care and God bless!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Freedom and the Fourth

picture source
picture source

Soon it will be the fourth of July
Fireworks will grace the sky
As you celebrate the day
Remember those who paved the way
~by Judy Sheldon-Walker~

Be Informed

We live in a country (the United States of America) where education is not only free but mandatory. If a parent chooses to home school they must meet certain criteria in the education provided for their child or children. By remaining "informed" we are taking advantage of our freedom.

“If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be... If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”
Thomas Jefferson

Enjoy Freedom

Well over 200 years ago, July 4, 1776, to be exact our country signed into existence the Declaration of Independence. It culminated from a desire to be free of oppressive restrictions placed upon the 13 colonies by the British. This has been the basis of a government we enjoy today.

The Declaration of Independence

For more information and a list of those who signed the original document and where it is now being kept read here. In celebrating freedom we need to stay informed, embrace learning, and living.


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