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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Award Ceremony

May I get a drum roll please?

We have several awards to announce. I have spent countless hours reviewing blogs. I am just so overwhelmed by the amazing talent I find online. The words and pictures of each of your blogs means so much to me. I only regret that I have not more time to spend on each of your blogs. Reading them always causes me to come away feeling motivated, uplifted and inspired. There is so much talent and love to find that you cannot help but feel moved after visiting.

I could not decide who gets what!

It has been difficult to select who gets what, and even more difficult because I know that we must pass these on and not continually award them to the same recipients, however much they are deserved. (share the wealth - kind of thing) This means I must venture off and not simply use the list I found posted at Cheri's or Icy's. That is not what the awards are all about and that would be cheating. :-)

The essence is you!

The essence of the award, as I see it is to encourage, appreciate and uplift one another, but even more to acknowledge the labor of love performed by the many blog creators out here. The love is apparent as I read your posts and view your pictures. You have opened your hearts and your life to the reader with such a generosity of spirit, that one cannot help but feel your presence. It is there when I open a comment that you kindly took the time to leave me.

Our blog awards are about us. We embody so many different talents and interests but the biggest is love.

I've attached the awards for:

Angela - Free and Green Stuff
Angela - Upon Request
Annie - Sunday's Child Lives at Annie's House
Cherie - This Side of Town
Christy - A Hint of Poetry
DeAnna - Write Moms
Geri - My Thinkin' Blog
Goyz - Health Supplement
Icy - Wandering Thought
Lanne - Crocodile Soup
Lizzie - Lizzie's Choice
T @ Picture This!

Come as you are!

This is an award ceremony you won't read about in the papers. No one will make glowing or derogatory comments about what you wore when you picked yours up, unless you have a web cam. Forgive me for breaking a lot of the rules.

There are a few rules.

In Glorious Awards you can read more about the rules from my wonderful friend Icy, and there are two other awards which you will find on my side bar. I don't want anyone to feel pressured to rush right out and bestow these awards immediately. Life has enough pressures.

Let's just take this moment to show each other our appreciation.

It is simply another way we can express our gratitude and appreciation to one another for doing the best we can on our blogs. "Awards from Me to You" can be found on Cherie's blog. Here you will find more information regarding the Cupcake award and the Lovely Blog Award.

Copy, paste and share.

You simply need to copy and paste the awards, the one's you choose to keep, as many or as few, then kindly pay forward. From what I've read all of you have lots of love to share. So when you have a moment take time to share the love, and I am looking forward to seeing your awards displayed proudly on your pages!

Take care & God bless!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Friends

The garden pictures I have posted were taken at my friend Jeanne's farm. She is growing a healthy beautiful garden, and I could not help but admire it. She fertilizes it with cow and chicken manure and ashes from her wood burner. She and her husband lovingly tend their garden and their farm, but the love they have for their farm extends to their family and friends. I am lucky to be included.

We meet weekly for lunch and last week she surprised me with two bags loaded with fresh garden vegetables. The zucchini was 16 1/2 inches long! Look how much is left after my grand daughter and I made zucchini bread. Yum! While my grand daughter was over she helped me take pictures so we can post the recipe later. Can you tell which one she edited? She also took another picture of Grandma (me) for my blog. She states the other one had to go.

Take care & God bless. I hope you too are blessed with wonderful giving friends.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Garden & Scarecrow


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Speech


My husband would not be surprised if he knew (I won't tell him) that my father nick named me "chatterbox" as a child. Father thought children should be seen and not heard, seriously, so I was a thorn in his side. This may partly explain my fascination for this Bible verse.

If we are quiet the stones will cry out!

In fact it truly captured my attention and is found in Luke 19:40. Jesus was led through the crowd on a donkey just prior to his crucifixion. We now celebrate this day as Palm Sunday. As he rode down the Mount of Olives the disciples began to praise God loudly saying

“Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord: peace in heaven, and glory in the highest.

Some of the Pharisees took exception to this and advised Jesus;

“Master, rebuke thy disciples.”

I loved Jesus’ response

“I tell you that if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

Do you want to be upstaged by a stone?

I would love to hear the stones cry out praises to God, but then by the same token, I’ve a mouth. Do I want to be upstaged by a stone or do I want to not give honor and praise to His name? Who is more worthy of praise than my heavenly father?

We give homage to celebrities and politicians. We listen daily to the happenings of the rich and famous. We buy books and memorabilia. I would hate to even venture a guess at how much money is spent buying overpriced products endorsed by our favorite sports figures. I do not mean to rant, but simply point out; there is no one more worthy of our praise.When I express gratitude for any and everything it is with the realization that only because of God’s goodness is any thing possible. Let us praise His name always.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Stray Kitty


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rose of Sharon: The Beautiful & Edible Flower

Tri-color Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon or Althea (Hibiscus syriacus) is the name of a flowering shrub, which quickly becomes a beautiful blooming tree. My friend, Jeannie has them on her farm and I snapped a few pictures of the blossoms because they are different from mine, and I found them fascinating. Hers are called "Tri-color" and I noted hers are in layers of petals shaded red, pale pink and blue purple with the petals framed in ruffles of darker colors.

Thanks, Icy for naming my tree!

In an earlier post I shared pictures of my flowers and Icy commented back sharing with me the name of my shrub turned tree. Naturehills.com sells a large variety of them and notes that they attract hummingbirds and small insects, which I am sure attract even more birds.

Mentioned in the Bible

The Shulamite maiden compares herself to the Rose of Sharon in the book Song of Solomon chapter 2:1 as she speaks lovingly to King Solomon.

Her dog ate them!

I shared these beautiful blooms with another friend as we walked her dog passing the beautiful trees along our walk. The trees bloomed in a variety of whites, pinks, and purples. She voiced concern because her dog likes to eat the flowers, so I immediately looked them up when I got home and was able to call her back advising "Guess what, I've recipes for you!"

Click on "recipe" above and check out the new taste sensation. Find more here.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Friend was Mugged!

Maybe not technically or literally, but she was scammed. It ticks me off that someone would cheat someone else like this. I asked her to report it to the police.

Embarrassment on her face...

I ate lunch with a girl friend the other day and she told me about how she was scammed. She held her face down embarrassed about the way he tricked her. I was infuriated. I know times are hard, but cheating someone out of their hard earned money is so wrong! She kept asking me if I really thought she should call the police, and I said yes.

Her Tire was Flat

She had shopped at Meijer and came out to load her groceries in her car to find her brand new tire completely flat! She had just replaced her tires. They were all new and she had not seen any sign of a leak. She maintains her car well as she is an elderly widow and prides herself on her independence. What was she going to do?

Saint or Sinner?

Before she could actually think about what to do a man magically appeared and took over the situation. He had the tire off in a flash, as if he had done this hundreds of times. (He probably had!) She said he was so polite, like butter could melt in his mouth. He advised her that he knew some place where he could have her tire repaired in no time. He threw it into the back of his truck and off he ran.

Her Mind Races

He had moved so fast she had hardly any time to object or question but now that he was gone... She told me that she wondered if she would even get her tire back, had it been flat or maybe the air released...

He Charged Her $35.00!

You could almost buy a tire for that! She finally lifted her head and I could see her hurt expression. Being scammed makes us feel hurt and vulnerable along with angry. Maybe the video tapes Meijer's makes of their parking lot could have footage on this, I suggest. The police need to know about this scam artist who is preying on our elderly.

Take care and be safe!
picture source


Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Elegant Lily Leek too Pretty to Eat

He Was Eating Rose Petals!

I once watched as a coworker of mine plucked rose petals off a bouquet of roses and ate them one by one. I asked him if he wasn't afraid of getting sick and was informed that many flowers are edible, which lead me to write: Don't Just Smell the Roses, Eat them In the article I have listed flowers which are not wise or safe to eat and some that are edible, a brief description of the taste and various recipes. He was right, many are edible, but please wash them first.

Check Out Icy's Pics!

My good friend Icy took some fantastic shots of some Lily Leek (Allium Molly) that she found in her backyard. You can see my picture posted above, because I found I have them too. I borrowed my picture back from Triond so it is missing some of the clarity, but her's are exceptional, so please click on the link and take a peek at hers.

Can We Eat Them?

She questioned the health benefits and method of eating them so I took an internet journey. I came across Paghat's garden where there was pictured Golden Garlic, Yellow Flowering Onion and Lily Leeks. She had done some research on the pretty little flowers she had blooming in her garden and gave growing tips along with advice on preparing and eating. She warned the reader the flower will give off an onion aroma when bruised, so bare that in mind if you decide to bring them inside to display.

Loaded With Antioxidants

They are in the garlic/onion family which boast a whole host of nutritional and health benefits. They can be lightly sauteed or tossed raw in a salad. Imagine the eye appeal! I'm still not sure I want to eat them. The entire plant, flower included, would be edible, but they are so pretty in my yard.


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