Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies

Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Are you burning your candle at both ends?

Does it come from the "I want to eat my cake and have it too" mentality or the one where we feel that we have to do everything? As long as I can remember my mother could do it all. She worked a factory job, made our clothes, taught us to cook and clean, created her own stencils and used them to sign paint, knitted handmade sweaters...

I have singlehandedly raised four children despite their father's best attempts to interfere. I worked two and three jobs simultaneously to feed and provide for them. Now that they all have graduated, settled down and have children of their own, I remain a part of their lives. My most recent second job was lost to another company bidding us out in 2006,  so I decided to go back to one of my loves; writing. My primary job involves some shorter days and some longer. The schedule changes monthly, but that is the beauty of writing, we can do so at any time.  In the end of 2007 the earnings started picking up and so did my rankings.

Often times I would come home from work to find I had over a thousand views during the day. The comments from readers were encouraging and lifted my heart,  but shortly after both the views and revenue took a nose dive, so I started looking for other places to write. Just because my children are grown does not mean they do not need help from time to time. In fact as they grow older, the expenses mount. It is difficult to look at a child/grandchild in need and not be able to provide for them. 

Not only did I need the traffic to get paid but I did not just want to be randomly read here and there. I wanted to reach many people. When I researched alternative medicines it was the idea of helping others and to relieve suffering. I am no Mother Theresa. I do not suffer from visions of grandeur, but if the information is at my fingertips, should I not get it out? Should I not let others know for instance that turmeric relieves pain from inflammation? No one should have a corner on Mother Nature. It is meant for all to benefit from.

If not for readers, would we continue to write?

I owe so much to the readers. I cannot say "my" readers, as only when I publish something of interest to them will they read and comment. They are not "my" readers any more than I am a loyal customer to just one grocery store. We go where we find what we are looking for.

Some readers only read to get read back. There is nothing wrong with that. I will make every effort to return the favor at my earliest convenience. Sometimes, as yesterday, there are errands to be run; family to visit and care for. Trying to come home after a long day and research, read and comment can be time consuming. My husband is diabetic. I must see that he eats and not just anything, but something healthy. I have begun to understand the importance of good nutrition and must feed myself properly also. This takes a chunk out of the schedule too. Forgive me, you know I get distracted. :-)

Maybe you have this time management thing down to a fine science.

Maybe you have everything perfectly scheduled and always go to bed on time. I do not.  Sleep deprivation is serious and it is only when we take it serious and actually set aside time each day or night to get our required sleep that we can feel our best. One of my good friends at Triond was cutting corners on their sleep and I was worried about their health so I researched for this article. One of the things that came to light while doing this research was:

"The problem of drowsy driving is under reported, so we have no real statistics to show the numbers. Statistics report that of 100,000 police-reported crashes 71,000 were injured and 1,550 are killed annually due to drowsy driving in the U.S."

I am one of those who have found myself nodding off at the wheel, so this truly caught my attention. I want to stay up and finish everything I start in one day, but staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning and then getting up to go to work at 6:30 is causing me to shorten my life expectancy and lower my ability to do a quality job. In writing this article  I was trying to help them, but it helped me too. If interested you can find more information about sleep deprivation, how it effects our health, and how to remedy it. Take care, "eat well, rest well, and stay well" as Chan Lee Peng says.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Internet

New Years eve 2008 my computer crashed. My wedding pictures were downloaded and stored there. I had at least 50 completed articles and half a dozen incomplete articles stored. These items were lost, but I missed my internet more.
On the internet we:

    • Keep touch with friends and family
    • Keep abreast of the latest news and newest trends
    • Listen to music
    • Play games
    • Research topics
    • Print maps or directions to locations
    • Pay bills
    • Contact customer service
    • Download programs
    • Share pictures
    • Earn revenue
    • Post resumes and apply for jobs
    • Attend classes
    • Meet new friends
    • Find recipes
    • Enter contests
    • Find coupons and savings
Did I forget anything?

Jeannie, I miss you now that your internet is down, but at least we have our phones. I am looking forward to emailing you when you get your new computer in March.

I didn't tell you, Jeannie's computer died, but she's getting a new one.  Maybe she'll share more pictures of S.T. when she comes back. For now we have our post of S.T., the cat giving himself a bath.

How about it, Jeannie?

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Winter Skies



Monday, February 22, 2010

What a difference a day makes

In Michigan we have a joke about the weather. We tell each other if you don't like the weather go to lunch and come back; it will be different.

Yesterday there were birds taking baths in the puddles in my side walk. Mind you, it was not warm, but warm enough that some of the snow had melted, melted so much that my basement is damp. This is what I saw when I left for work this morning.

I awoke to the sound of a snow shovel scraping my driveway and side walk. It was barely after 5:00 a.m. I am not complaining as it was not me shoveling. Yes, I would have preferred sleep to listening to the racket, but still, as I stated it was not me shoveling. I thanked the young man profusely and my husband paid him $20. I offered him hot chocolate and/or a banana, which he politely refused. I believe in feeding hard working men. ;-)

When I took my first break at work today, I pointed my camera out the fourth floor window and snapped this shot. The snow clinging to these branches is thicker than the branches and it was still falling.

Now look at our outdoor seating area. Care to have a seat here?
Finally, back home. Here is another shot of the bush in my back yard. No wonder we are day dreaming of summer....How was your day?


Bring on those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer...

My daughters, grand daughters and I were sitting around on a recent cold, snowy day looking at pictures I took of them during one of our many beach outings. They would not let me share ours with you so I found this one on Yahoo.

I have not put my bathing suit on in years, but my daughters and grand daughters are still young and brave enough to parade around in their swim suits. With over seven inches of snow hitting our town overnight we are ready for a change and I enjoyed listening to them talk about the beach.

It was just us girls so conversation turned to hair removal. We discussed different ways of removing embarrassing hair, you know the hair you don’t even think about except during swim suit season. The first time I tried to shave I was rewarded with angry red bumps and could not go out in public until those bumps healed. After that I discovered an electric razor. It left me smooth and hairless but only for that day. The next day there would be that prickly new growth, but at least not razor bumps.

Now my daughters tell me you can get your hair permanently removed using a procedure called full brazilian laser hair removal. Unfortunately they did not have bikini laser while I was still young enough to enjoy sporting my two piece.

Laser hair removal is different from a razor as a razor simply cuts the hair but the laser light uses an intense heat to remove unwanted hair. A light is passed through the skin. The intense heat kills the hair follicle instantly where it grows leaving you smooth and hairless much longer.In fact if each hair follicle is killed it is permanent hair removal!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flush Your Body for a Healthier Life

We have gotten away from eating natural foods.

In the course of a day how many whole foods and juices do you ingest? How many foods and juices come from boxes, containers and packages? Read the side of these packages. What are you really ingesting? Toxins are in what we consume and in what we breathe. No wonder we sometimes feel sluggish, head achy,  irritable. We eat chemicals we cannot pronounce and have no idea what they are doing to our bodies.

Would I benefit from a detox program?

I have seen packages in stores containing "detox kits" and have wondered if I would feel better if I tried one. These ten hour days at work sometimes have me feeling wiped out when I get home. I love getting on the computer and reading and writing, but sometimes I even lack the energy and enthusiasm to do that. CHAN LEE PENG wrote the article Detox Program: Flush Your Body for a Healthier Life.   I love reading Chan's articles because they are always well researched and I know I will learn something from them.

One can participate in the program in a few days or as long as a year.Many of the participants rave of feeling more energetic, healthier, slimmer, and with radiant skin. I feel more energetic just thinking about it. Thanks, Chan!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Senetti blue bicolor


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Water is not just for ducks!

My friend Jeannie had taught her ducks a pretty cool trick. She and her husband had given them a kiddie pool and would fill it with water. When she clapped her hands they followed one another in a circle going clockwise. She would clap her hands and they would do an about face and circle the other way. Ducks love water and we should too.

A lack of water can kill you.

My oldest son nearly died from lack of water, a condition called heat stroke. He was working long hours in the hot sun as a roofer. They dressed warmly as the hot tar would burn their skin as well as the sun rays, so they protected themselves by being dressed from head to toe. Because of the extreme temperatures on this day they called off work early, but not early enough. He was approximately half an hour from home when he called me on his cell phone. He advised me that he had pulled off of the road and parked behind a fast food restaurant as he could not stop throwing up. He wanted me to come and get him.

He had suffered a heat stroke.

I knew the nature of his job. I knew the temperature and I had taken first aid yearly while in the military and while working as a corrections officer. I was not risking his life by letting him sit there until I found him so I called an ambulance. I met them at the hospital. My son was on an I.V. to replace his lost electrolytes and fluids. The doctor told me his kidneys had shut down and he probably would not have survived another half hour. He was upset thinking that he may have to foot the bill for the ambulance because he had seven children to support (he has nine now). He fumed about me calling 9ll, but fortunately his job picked up the cost. They considered it workman's comp. He remained in the hospital for three days. Maintaining the proper fluid intake is serious, very serious.

Health care fascinates me but sometimes I know just enough to think I've got it, when I really don't. I thought that water retention, (not what my son had but bloating and swelling from water being retained) should be treated in two ways.
  1. Decreasing sodium
  2. Decreasing fluid intake
Boy was I wrong; at least half wrong. 

Researching for my latest article  I learned that only those who are advised to restrict water intake should, and those are generally people with kidney or heart disease. Being diagnosed with edema does not mean drink less. We need to flush our kidneys and the rest of our body too.  This is one of the reasons I love to research and write. There is so much to learn. I also learned:

“Thirst is an imperfect warning system, however, because it is not triggered until dehydration is already present.” - Reader’s Digest Health & Healing the Natural Way Eating for Good Health.
If interested, click on my above link and learn what I learned. Take care. God bless and stay healthy. 


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Planning

We went to a play.

My grandson was in the play Of Men and Mice so my husband and I went to proudly watch him. This is the same grandson who I wrote about earlier who was inducted into the honor roll society. The production was very well done by the drama class at our local high school and it was easy to get caught up in the story line.(I'd tell you the story but I do not want to ruin it for you in case you get the notion to read the book).:-)

The play caused my mind to wander to my friend Anne's blog.

As John Steinbeck's story unfolded I was reminded of the planning that goes into everything God does.   In this story two young men travel together and care for each other in a brotherly fashion. They work and "plan" for a brighter future, but suddenly just as their dreams are within reach something goes awry; terribly awry.

One young man, Lenny,  was challenged. The actors recited their lines and after less than five minutes it became quite apparent that one man, George took responsibility for the other.  Lenny looked up to him and would have been completely lost without him. George had big plans for the two of them and every time when things seemed hopeless he would again tell Lenny what the "plan" was.

Unfortunately Lenny kept straying from the path.

Maybe he could not help it. He certainly seemed to be trying his best. George tried  to keep him on task. The plan was made. The love and desire was there, but something was missing. It dawned on me; it is only when God is the master of our plans that we can bank on them. When we try to follow a plan without Him, it is doomed to fail.

When a friend and co-worker of mine showed me an excerpt of a post she was getting reading to post on her blog BibleFactsPlus  it all became even clearer to me. She wrote about God's plans for Solomon. He shared His plans for Solomon through His word (the Bible) down to even the details of what He would name him. God does not just let people go about populating the earth. He actually plans our lives and has designated a purpose for each of us.

I don't want to be like Lenny. George loved Lenny dearly and put his own wants and needs aside time after time to take care of him, but Lenny could not seem to help himself. Will we listen to God's plan? I don't want to be like Lenny. Wanting, desiring... It is not sufficient. I want to be open to what God has in store for me, His plan. Thank God for His plans and I want to be an instrument in them.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Spotlight on God & Worth 1000



Sunday, February 7, 2010

Free Valentine's Goodies!

I want your valentine's day to be special, like you are!

I'm a big sucker for valentine's day or any other day we can get mushy and show others how much we appreciate them, in fact I don't need a designated day to celebrate appreciation.
Some time ago I tried my hand at creating my own greeting card on my computer and wrote out step by step, even how many spaces to go down to place the photo and the words. You probably aren't as old as I am so don't remember those old fashioned manual typewriters.  We used to do all kinds of things on our typewriter which actually called for counting the lines. The typewriter carriage had a return. I remember the sound of the bell. Ah, memory lane. :-)

Sorry, my mind does wander. :-) Instructions can be found at Triond in the article  Make Your Own Beautiful Valentine Card.

If you prefer a ready made one you can find them online and simply print or email them.  I found a web site loaded with coloring pages, screen savers, tips and cards at Valentine's day freebies.com. 

So what are these pictures about?

Because you mean so much to me I picked up a few little things just to express my appreciation. I only have three items so the first one to claim them gets them. Only one prize per person. After the first to comment has chosen their prize I will ask that you please email me with your address so I can mail them out. I only wish I could give everyone something. You truly mean the world to me. Take care and God bless. Happy Valentine's day!

Won't U B My Valentine?


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Flowers


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