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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Day in the Country with a Friend

GEDC7155 Meet my friend, Anne. We work together and found a lot of parallels in our lives. We lived in New York near the same times; her husband entered into the military as I was leaving it; we both have a passion for our Lord; for nature; and for blogging. These are just a few of our similarities and it seems the more we talk the more we find we have in  common.  I think God sprinkles friends throughout our lives to make life more bearable.


First stop was in Concord at a truck stop to grab a bite to eat. Prices were reasonable and the food was fresh, tasty, and home cooked. After our lunch  she stopped at Kalamazoo River and we watched a beaver busily working and then catch the camera shy bug as we grabbed our cameras. I did not get the beaver but here is the river.

I found these lovely yellow flowers among the plants on the outer edge of the river as I searched for the beaver. I don't know what they are, but they put me in the mind of a flower my mother used to call may apples.


I grew up in the country, but while in the military found myself stationed in New York. I often got homesick for the country life I was familiar with while growing up in Michigan. New York was such a huge change from the culture I was used to and I never truly was able to get used to it.

I now live in a small town in Michigan. I own a home with a small city lot so the farther we got from my home the more I had to feast my eyes on. It was like a mini-vacation. No one lived close to anyone else. I hear my neighbors when they argue. I hear loud music from car radios as they drive by. I've had my fence snipped by trespassers who cut through my backyard. Was I still in the same state? :-) It was so quiet!

She actually took me to store that sat next to a clover field. I told her that I had researched red clover and have used it since childhood. She was not aware of its many health benefits so I'll be sharing my link with her. :-) Right next to the field the store management had placed a hitching post for the horses and carriages of customers who shop there.



Next she took me to a beautiful park in Homer which was built near a flour mill. Only about a week ago the mill burned down to the ground. Thankfully the owner got out just  before it went up in flames.

On the one side we see torn yellow tape like you would find at a crime scene, and on the other side two bridges, a gazebo, beautiful park grounds and crystal clear bubbling water. I could hear the sound of bull frogs croaking and birds singing. It was like being a million miles away from home. The tranquility and peacefulness washed over the inner me, just like the breeze off the water refreshed me physically.

I hope your day was as lovely as mine. Sometimes we just need to get away. When is the last time you scheduled some “me” time? You deserve it. Take care and God bless.

Thanks, Anne. You’ve given me a day to remember. 


For more thankful thoughts please visit Ruthi at myrefugeonline.com. Take care and God bless. There is always something to be thankful for.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday – Wash Machines

wash board

picture source
I searched the internet to find a picture of a wash board, or scrub board, (as some called it) like I used when my children were growing up. I would bend over the bath tub and scrub our clothes until they were clean, run fresh water over them until it ran clear then wring them out and hang them all over our New York apartment until they were nearly dry, then iron them. I scrubbed so many clothes that my knuckles would blister and were always red and tender.

Why is it I washed clothes out by hand, worked full time, cared for a family and took in extra work to supplement my income but still had time to play with the children? Maybe because I didn’t have a computer then? :-)

My washer broke so now I sit at the Laundromat while my clothes are washing. This is such an improvement over washing clothes out by hand. They feel softer, less wrinkled, and I can hang them up immediately, not days later when they are dry from hanging on the bedroom door. :-)  I don’t know who invented washing machines but he/she deserves a big hug. I love that we have so many conveniences to make our daily chores easier.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Nature

Last weekend I happened upon a new blog while participating in Shadow Shot Sunday. Greyscale Territory offers  new options for those of us who are getting our feet wet with memes. This one is quite liberal, so I thought I would give it a "shot". :-)  I have a great fascination for nature so why not? Jeannie and I went to another green house, called Jan and Fran’s, and they were kind enough to let me snap a few shots. Speaking of snapping shots, have you ever heard of a tree sticking out of a car?  Jeannie has.

I helped Jeannie set up her own blog and now she is happily filling it with photos. I’m happy she’s happy, but it was not my idea to be one of the posts. :-)

After my grandson finished digging up the trees that were growing under my front patio, I placed them in a pot and took them to her. She has more room on her farm then I have in my city lot. I thought she could give these trees a good home. Check them out on her blog.  Jeannie, I don’t mind, really. In fact it was quite funny. GEDC6683 I

The top flower is a coleus. They had some wave pansies growing in plastic bags that were pretty neat too.


For more nature pictures please visit: Greyscale Territory


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Perspective

GEDC5856 Finally, the long awaited warmer weather is here and along with it comes longer days. Just a few short months ago, or so it seems, I would leave work to witness the sun going down. Living in a small town, it was difficult to catch the sun as it sets. It would hide behind trees and homes, so I would be heading out to the lake to see if I could catch the sunset at it’s prettiest.

The weekend before last I tried to outrun the sun and catch it. I drove quickly, within the speed (of course), not wanting to miss it as I have so many previous times. But this time I noticed something interesting. These pictures were all taken within minutes of one another, but I was focusing on different areas of the same lake, so the sun was shining at it differently. Life is the same for us, we can live through an identical situation as someone else, but the “sun” appears to light the way differently.


When my gaze wandered off to where the sun shown the difference was like night and day.

For more watery pictures check out:

WateryWed2b There are lots of pretty photos to view there. Thanks for the visit. Take care and God bless.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Overcoming Child Abuse


I have found someone whose beauty and compassion is remarkable in that she knew abuse all of her life. It was abuse at the hands of her “loving” aunt, or so her mother (her aunt’s sister) thought. This woman worked in an orphanage. She was a nun. She worked for God. What better person to care for children?

She, Mumsy, does not fault her mother, as I do not fault mine. There was no malicious intent. They were doing what they thought was best.

Mumsy is giving us just a peek of a childhood robbed and how one child not only survived but became stronger. As she writes her “alphabet” excerpts you can glimpse a story of a child growing up in a country torn by war and how she battled her own.

Viet Nam was a country the U.S. intervened in. There was much conflict about whether we should be there or not. Our soldiers fought a battle our country did not totally support. The controversy still swirls. Should we have fought? Did we help? Did we hurt? Our soldiers came back and were treated with contempt, never fully being appreciated, much like our heroine.

Mumsy was not appreciated. She did the work of an adult. She was not paid and barely fed. She knew hunger, rejection, abuse, disrespect, but she carved out a friendship with other youngsters there. Where did she learn the social skills to do this?

Her friendships were so beautiful that when she aided them in a daring escape they cried broken heartedly because she could not fit through the small opening in the gate, They could scale the fence. She could not. She was/is handicapped. These teens were 16 and she 13. They wanted desperately to take her with them even if it meant risking getting caught and severely punished.  My heart broke for all of them as she had to return to her abusive captor without her friends with her friends walking away with tears streaming down their young faces.  She had lost the one thing that gave her a small measure of sanity.

There are some who have gone their entire life and never learned the love she knew. She would do anything for her friends, and they for her. Some are not capable of that measure. I pray her friends find her through her blog and contact her. It would mean so much to her and to all of us who have become faithful followers. Mumsy, you are selfless and caring. You did not learn it from being pampered and showered with love. It is a gift. You are like my stubborn plants and trees that grow up in a crack in concrete. You used so little to sustain yourself but grew into a wonderful work of art, God’s art, God’s gift to us.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

photo image

To find about more about the cardinal, click on the link below the picture.

This is not the cardinal I saw in my back yard. My cardinal flew away while I searched for my camera. How many things that we want disappear when we take our focus off of them? Perhaps our focus is misplaced?

I saw the prettiest red cardinal I'd ever seen
The red so bright it seemed like a dream
Several yards away he perched peering at me
Just as pretty as he could be

I searched for my camera, averted my eyes
Wanting this picture, oh what a prize
I turned it on quickly, my eyes looking back
But there's something missing - something I lack

My little cardinal took off out of sight
Disappearing into the night.....
How many times have I lost my focus
Interested in some hocus pocus

Our heavenly father wants to stay in our view
And be our companion in all we say and do.
No camera is needed, just a heart full of prayer
And when  we close our eyes, He'll still be there.

By Judy Sheldon-Walker

Take care and G♥d bless!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday – Sharing Research


photo source
I love researching and learning.
I would do it daily, if time would permit. When I hear about a new herb or spice, my interest is piqued, and I am off to research. I want to know how it benefits mankind.

One of the exciting things about belonging to writing communities is that even when you don’t have time to pore over a new subject matter you may have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of someone else’s labors.

By clicking on the words "photo source" shown below the above borrowed photo, you can learn about the cultivation of parsley. The content there will provide you with instructions for caring for your own crop,  if you are interested in growing your own. Parsley, a cousin to the carrot can be used in cooking similar to the way one would use coriander. It is often used as a spice in Middle Eastern, European and American cooking.

I did an article about various herbs in 2007 for Triond and found them absolutely fascinating. I only briefly touched upon parsley at that time, but Ron Thoughts wrote a very comprehensive article about the health benefits of parsley in his article Just Another Garnish. This article is a fantastic read and full of wonderful information about parsley. It is not just another garnish.

Did you know that parsley is a very good source of vitamin C and has been touted for its usefulness in treating rheumatism – The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing? This is just one example of the many things parsley assists with.

There is much to learn about this valuable herb/spice. It is a shame if we do not learn what nature has to offer  and take advantage of the benefits.

Take care, God bless, and stay well!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Can we Yield?


A gust of wind, downpour of rain
The dear blossoms aren't the same
Petals strewn most everywhere
But this is nothing to despair...

The seeds the mighty winds did blow
were carried both to and fro
Planting flowers every where
Bringing beauty for all to share


The flowers willingly succumb

To what they know they will become

A wonderful flowering shrub or tree

Their beauty shining eternally

If only we could have such trust
In a God who made us from dust
And know that God’s plans for us

Will be revealed

Imagine the harvest we could yield….

Miracles by God
Poetry by Judy Sheldon-Walker


Monday, May 10, 2010

The Life Saving Thistle

picture source

God in his wisdom has created herbs and plants to cure most any ailment known by man, and this amazing plant has some of the most potent herbal remedies known to man.

Unfortunately man is known to abuse. We abuse the planet so there are toxins in the air. We abuse our bodies by consuming things harmful to us. This peculiar looking plant contains properties to protect and repair our liver, which suffers much from our abusive behavior. To read more about it read here.

Take care, stay well and God bless.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Best Mother's Day ever!

GEDC5682 Baby girl rolling a strike.GEDC5681 Baby girl watching the competition. GEDC5688TeLove` (she joined G’ma at Triond; writing).GEDC5705 The children and their significant others. Two of the grands and one significant other.GEDC5702
Baby boy going to slap me five for a good throw. I'm looking for my ball because I'm going to throw a spare.

GEDC5691GEDC5693 My husband, the only one who knows how to bowl. :-) He got a kick out of our antics.

I don't know where to begin. This has been the most memorable mother's day/birthday for me. My birthday was earlier in the week, and mother's day is May 9. My children wanted to make this one special event, and they certainly did.

It is hard to realize what it meant to have all my children together, when you have no knowledge of the way they have been for several years; not speaking, shunning one another, missing special events and holidays, getting angry when I would bring up the other ones name... It had gotten to the point where I was afraid to be disowned also.

It has been really difficult for those of us who were not feuding, and I imagine difficult for those who were. People are only human, after all. We make mistakes. There was never any intention to hurt or harm. It just happened, and we suffered. Our hearts ached and we longed for what once was, however the "injured" parties were not ready to let go and move on.

Baby boy, Chris, the one who went to Puerto Rico to meet his father, the one with the long sleeved button up shirt, was mediating. I was talking to all of them individually trying to mend fences. He was too. Unbeknownst  to me, he invited them all over to his place last week to watch pay per view. They all showed up. Was the ice melting? No one promised anything, but my oldest son called on my birthday and said he wanted everyone to meet at the bowling alley on him. I quickly made the calls. I am grateful to have children that love me enough to do as I ask, even when they are a little leery.

Chris and Ant were shooting back and forth one liners like pros and I was laughing harder than I laughed at Comedy Central, when I last went. When I looked around, I was not alone. The brothers challenged each other to push ups, with a personal wager between the two of them. The competition was fun loving and funny.
They had all of our bowling styles down pat and was glad to demonstrate for us, even going as far as launching the ball like I do or cleaning the gutter like ____ did. (We must protect the innocent.)

Everyone was laughing and having a wonderful time! It was great. If I had died last night, I would have died happily and in peace. My children were again my children and each others siblings, and not strangers that did not know one another. After we left the alley, they planned a night of cards. Mom (me) went home stiff and sore but ecstatic. After all I had not bowled in ten years, and these muscles have spent far too many hours lately sitting in front of a computer. I've vowed to get out and bowl more often.  I'm not waiting for an invitation this time.

I hope your Mother's day is very special. As for me, I don't know how mine could have been any better. Take care and God bless!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Surprises

  • winner

photo source

While I seriously doubt that I will have the type of surprise the young man pictured did, I am grateful for the wonderful surprises I have had. Here are just a few I've had the last couple of days:
  • My panda bear from Chan
  • Numerous greetings on my Face Book wall, and one that nearly brought me to tears from my baby girl. I know she's in her 30s but she is still my "baby" girl.
  • A birthday gift placed in my mail box. Jeannie had to tape the mailbox closed because it was too big! :-)
  • A sweet and pretty online birthday card. Anne shared the site with me (greeting cards are FREE), and when I told her how much I liked it, sent me three more. :-). I shared my link with my readers, so you can send free cards too.
  • Dinner out with my husband and friends last night.
  • My husband actually parked to let me take a picture. He encouraged me to get out of the car to take a better picture and chuckled saying "I guess you could be doing something worse." I'll make a fan or a photographer out of him yet. :-)
I am thoroughly convinced that our days are full of many little happy surprises to lighten our day, if we would only look at them that way. Enjoy your surprises, don't let the unwelcome ones overwhelm you and take your mind off of the pleasant ones.

Thanks for visiting me today. Take care & God bless!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday –Driving in a Tea Bottle

GEDC3342 GEDC3340 GEDC3341
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Monday, May 3, 2010

What happened to Sassafras tea?

Video Source

One of my readers recommended  I look up sassafras for all of its health benefits.

I had already researched it while researching a recipe for root beer and remembered we no longer used it as the main ingredient for root beer.

Root beer was actually a beer. It was brewed and allowed to ferment; the delightful taste derived  from the "roots" of the Sassafras tree. For more about Sassafras read:
What Happened to Sassafras tea?


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