Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies

Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Blogging

There are many, many things I am thankful for and one of the things I am truly thankful for is the opportunity to express my thanks. Being able to express gratitude is very big with me and I would venture to say that a large number of my 501 blog posts mention things I am grateful for. I was grateful when I came across a sign with my maiden name on it and had to have a picture of it. I decided to keep my maiden name and hyphenate it to add my husband's surname when we married because I identify with my name. I always tease him and tell him I was a Sheldon before I was Walker.

Writing is in the blood!

I love (always have and probably always will) writing and cannot get enough of it. I love it so much that the 500th post just passed right by without me realizing until after I hit publish. I had every intention of making a big deal out of it and maybe even holding a give away.Any suggestions on a way to celebrate 501 posts and counting?

My stats are:

I only purchased one of my domains and have had it for just over a year. This is the one I have concentrated on adding the links for natural remedies. If I have to close the other two because of time constraints this one will remain my focus.  I truly hope to assist others on ways to improve their health and will continue to research and add links as long as I am able.

I can be clueless about computers...

When I first started blogging I was absolutely clueless and many times I still am. There is so much to learn about computers and networking. When I attended school there were no computers and the typewriters were manuals (you know, without plugs!).  When I published my first poem I was in fifth grade and submitted it handwritten! Could you imagine an editors reaction to a handwritten submission this day in age?

Things have changed dramatically.

If not for Anne Lyken-Garner and Icy BC I would have never made it this far. They have been tremendously patient and helpful. I look back at some of my first posts and there is not one comment. Follower? I did not know what they were. I did not even know what my url was for the longest. I would have to log in and copy it from the browser. Icy, Anne and I wrote at triond together. We were searching for ways to promote our articles. Articles make more money if they receive more traffic, so sometimes  a writer spends more time marketing their work than writing it.We had already joined many network and bookmarking sites and were spending considerable time submitting our work and reading and commenting on others. Blogging seemed to be a logical next step.

Blogging takes on a life of its own.

But something happens when you begin to blog. Soon you will find yourself spending more time blogging than anything else (outside of work, that is). Fortunately for me, I received my first Google adsense check in May and am closing in on the second. So blogging is not only rewarding in that it allows us to express ourselves, but it pays us to do that! What could be sweeter?

Thank you for allowing me to ramble, for your many posts and pictures, and  for your encouragement! Take care and God bless.


    White Wednesday ~ Clouds & Flowers

    A touch of white will make your day more bright! Join us in celebrating White Wednesdays!


    Monday, July 26, 2010

    Weekend Highlights

    Last weekend my friend Beverly told me her church was having a dinner the following week. She told me I could go to my church as usual and go to her house after, and she would take me. My  thoughts were it would be nice to eat with my friend but I had no idea what a big production this was going to be. 

    When I left church, I detoured to go through my bank’s drive through and check my balance at the ATM. While punching in my numbers, I glanced up to see a beautiful red cardinal sitting in a tree only a few feet from me. It was my intention to make him my center photo in my collage, but he had plans and did not stick around for the photo shoot. He sends his apologies.

    While I dug in my purse and pulled out my camera  he made his adieu. I then noticed some hibiscus and Rose of Sharon, so I  substituted. :-) I took the picture of the red brick church in the parking lot of my job. I stopped there on the way to Bev’s too as I needed to check on the sedum to see if it was blooming any more profusely and snap a few pictures for a dear friend. She left me a comment on how much she liked them when they are in full bloom, and she is well worth any extra effort and so were the sedum.


    Once at Bev’s, and believe me I was there only  a few minutes later, we picked up her daughter in-law and all of us went to enjoy the festival. There was food, pony rides, crafts, live music, raffles and people; lots and lots of people. The cute purses are created uniquely and individually by hand by Dana Brazil and she has a website. I just love hand made things and making hand made things….

    We parked several blocks away and someone in a golf cart came and picked us up. When we were done they drove us back to the car. It was a beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze. By the way, I didn’t win anything, but then again I did not play. :-) I wonder how many raffles the winner of the car bought anyway? What if he/she only bought one and won????


    Dinner was good and the company better. How was your week end?

    For more Ruby Red Tuesday shots click on the link and enjoy!



    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    What Nature has to Offer

    • mystery flower 1mystery flower

    I know it is not my camera. It’s got be me, but every time I try to take a picture of this particular flower the petals blend in and you can not distinguish where one stops and one starts. I was sold this particular species of flower and told it was feverfew. I thought I would try it out and also take pictures of it for my article so I could post pictures once the research was completed. I learn as I go. Here are some things I have learned:
    • Know the scientific name of your herb
    • Know exactly what it looks like
    • Buy it from a reputable distributor if in doubt as others may not be safe for consumption. 
    • Be aware that herbals are safer than medications 99% of the time, but we need to look out for the 1% too!
    • Herbals are not as well researched because pharmaceutical companies cannot make the same amount of profit on things we can grow ourselves, so we may need to research a little.  

    Queen Anne's Lace looks very similar to hemlock. You wouldn't want to consume that, now would you? Herbals and wild flowers go by different names. Creeping charlie (for one) is also known as ground ivy,  Glechoma hederacea, Cat’s foot, Alehoof,  Gill-over-the-ground, Gillrun,, Hay maids, and Hedge maids. In researching natural remedies we need to ascertain that we are actually looking at the right plant. If you research under the name you know it as you may not be able to get the information you seek. You need to know all the names it goes by.
      While shopping at a thrift store, I noticed some natural remedy plants in a bucket of water. One was labeled feverfew. Having planned to research this one and add it to my collection, I purchased the flower and took it home to plant. I have tried repeatedly to get a good picture and finally got one. I actually laid down in my lawn and looked up at the flower so I would not shake the camera.  Later, feeling satisfied that I had a good detailed picture I looked it up online and in my reference books. The flower was not the same!! I do not believe the store had meant to make an error and these words came to mind:

      Oh, you little mystery flower,
      Can you tell me who you are?
      I’ve been trying to take your picture
      But had failed thus far.
      You see a lady sold you to me.
      She called you feverfew.
      And her asking price
      Was just a buck or two
      I love to research herbals
      Their benefits are many
      And using natural remedies
      Can save a pretty penny
      But, pretty little flower,
      I’m afraid she made an error
      I looked up feverfew
      Your picture wasn’t there
      So now that I know feverfew
      I’ll finish my research
      But want to know your name too!
      Please don’t leave me in the lurch!
      by Judy Sheldon-Walker

      The information regarding natural remedies has been passed down generation after generation. We just need to know where to look. Nature has an answer for every question and every dilemma. If we are diligent we can find those answers and if we are responsible we can salvage what nature intended us to have to cure our common ailments and maintain our health.

      Take care and God bless!


      Saturday, July 24, 2010

      Reflect on His Goodness!

      windowsWhen I left work today it was gorgeous out. The clouds were fluffy and white and the sky crystal blue. We had severe thunder storms yesterday causing power outages all over Michigan.

      We may lose our power. The electric may go out. Satellite may lose its signal. Telephones fail to make their connection... My husband had trouble watching television last night as we kept losing the signal, but at least we had power to know we had no signal. :-) Many did not. 

      God gives us reminders to let us know that He is still in power. Man made inventions may let us down, but God is still there. His signal never fades, we just have to be observant. His light is within us so we must let it shine. He is always ready to connect and communicate.

      It was a glorious sunny day to reflect on His wonders! These wonderful windows made it that much easier. As I was photographing the windows I could not help but notice how the big fluffy clouds kept rolling. One moment the reflection would be totally blue and the next it was full of clouds. By the time I got my finger ready to press the button it had changed again. Each picture was just amazing! This is what He has in store for us. We think we can see the picture, but He is ever changing in that His goodness always surpasses what we expect.


      Take time to reflect at Weekend Reflections! I hope your weekend is going great! Take care and God bless.

      weekend reflections new


      Thursday, July 22, 2010

      Thankful Thursday – The ABCs of His Majesty

      Awesome, Amazing, Absolutely Appealing and Appreciable Art!

      Beautiful, Bold, Bountiful, and truly something to Brag about!
      God’s Creation includes Creatures who are Cunning, Clever, Co-operating, and Caring. Do you see how they are picking the insects off our beautiful friend and feeding themselves while they groom him/her? Are they not amazing?

      I wish I could take credit for even one of these pictures, but I cannot. A friend of my husband and I sent me several in my email and this is just three of them. Each one is unsurpassed by their beauty. I would like to thank the photographer, but I do not know who he/she is, but I can thank my father who created the subject in each picture and gratefully, I do know Him! It amazes me that there are still those who do not believe in Him; those who have been taught about our father but stubbornly refuse to believe there is a God. Can they believe that beauty like this just happens?

      Thank you for visiting me on this my Thankful Thursday and God bless!


      Tuesday, July 20, 2010


      Contribution by Archie Watts

      In a world where winning means everything, it has been a thrill to discover that LOSERS have a lot to offer.

      To say that it's a challenge to find television that my entire family can watch together would be an understatement. My little people range from six to sixteen. This is not an easy task. Everyone has an opinion on what we should watch. And since we're watching our direct tv packages in Milwaukee, our options are beyond endless.

      The one show that we ALL agree on is THE BIGGEST LOSER. There hasn't been another show on television that has drawn us all together like this one. There is something in it for ALL of us.

      For my husband and I, it's encouragement to continue to eat healthy and exercise. It's positive reinforcement to be a good example to our children.

      My teenagers get to see the pitfalls of unhealthy eating. They also get to see the anguish that some of the contestants have had to endure for their size. It's a way to show them how much words hurt and how prejudice isn't just about skin color but it's also size and shape.

      My little ones love to watch the challenges and are also learning about acceptance toward others who might look different than us.

      I hope that this show will continue on for years to come. LOSERS ROCK!


      Monday, July 19, 2010

      Frugally yours Rubies

      I so look forward to the different sponsored themes for bloggers and one of my favorites is Ruby Tuesday. How can it not be when both my mother and my youngest daughter are named Ruby?  It’s been fun collecting things to add to my post this week.

      This is a planter I saw at St. Vincents De Paul for less than $2.00. It has real a shoe string in it. Isn’t it cute?

      red sneaker red sneaker II

      I picked some wild flowers the other day and decided to try one out here. Hopefully he (the flower) likes red too. :-) I am not always lucky at transplanting flowers.

      The next "frugal find" was this cute little thong coaster. I spotted it at Good Will for just $.59. I could not resist the bargain and fell in love with the little wooden beads that were sown in it.

      thong coaster

      Beverly brought me back the M & M globe as a souvenir from her recent vacation in Florida. I shook him up a little. See it’s snowing on him, and he is not melting. :-)

      m n m

      Last but not least is a red rose. This is totally free. I went through the drive through at the bank and stopped for a minute to “smell the roses” and (of course) take pictures of them. A girl can never get enough of roses or pictures of them!

      rose cameo

      For more Ruby Red Tuesday selections take a look at WorkofthePoet.blogspot and have a great and colorful week! Thanks for visiting. You’ve been a real gem. :-)


      Sunday, July 18, 2010

      Butterfly Kisses

      I could kiss this butterfly. It danced around me so merrily and boosted my spirits, but I don’t think it would stand still for a kiss. :-) I'm happy though as it did let me take it’s picture.

      butterfly oval
      butterfly oval 1
      The milk weeds were so fragrant and between the delicious fragrance and the dancing butterfly I almost took flight too!circle butterfly

      The milk weed or silk weed belongs to the same family as the butterfly bush (Asclepia) so you can see why the butterfly was happy to be here.  The sun was so bright that it washed the beautiful shades of orange of the butterfly out.

      I wish you could see how pretty he was. The underside of his wings was much lighter than the outside which he displayed for me a number of times before flying off. And check out his polka dots! Ruby would love these. She's always been crazy about polka dots.
      butterfly circle
      For more critters please check out Camera Critters.

      Camera Critters
      . Be sure to add your links too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and God bless!


      Tuesday, July 13, 2010

      Cooling Off with the Ducks and Geese

      GEDC1082 GEDC1080
      GEDC1067 I took these pictures last winter and have been busily sorting through my archives to name all my photo albums and get photos organized.

      The last few days have been a haze of hot and humid days so I found these pictures to be refreshing. Standing outside in this kind of weather for a few minutes doesn’t sound so bad right now. :-)

      For more pictures of our great outdoors check out Outdoor Wednesday!


      Saturday, July 10, 2010

      Who let the Camera Bug out?

      GEDC7968 GEDC7967GEDC7969  

      My husband and I went out to eat the other day. We pulled up at the restaurant and he asked me to get out so he could lock the SUV. I’m standing outside the truck and waiting for him when I noticed the sky reflected in his windows. Ohhh, how pretty and I can use this for my blog, but my husband is not a blog enthusiast and does not understand why I (the camera bug) have to take pictures all the time. I’m trying to quietly sneak in the pictures quickly before he gets out of the truck. See what I got and he never knew. :-)  You can see my head in the last one, so I really do have one. :-)

      Visit James at Weekend Reflections to see more photos and share your own.


      Wednesday, July 7, 2010

      Thankful Thursday ~ Life’s Challenges




      Even covered in sweat and mosquito bites, it’s worth it. If you take pictures you know what I mean. The last few weeks my computer has nearly come to a screeching stop. I can almost hear it audibly grown when I download yet another 100 or so photos. I have been naming them and moving them to jump drives and this is very time consuming – another challenge. But it is my fault for not being better organized. :-)

      Half an hour ago I was outside looking at the new bud on my mini rose bush and what did I spot but a baby butterfly. Cookie, our cat queen had ran out the door right between my legs so as I am trying so hard to squat steady (my knees are in their 50s (but I’m not!)) :-) to take my picture without shaking. She is rubbing on my unstable legs, then just as I glance away I see the butterfly lying low in the grass. I turn my camera and Cookie leaps; right on the poor little butterfly. Whoops! All this with mosquitoes biting and sweat dripping… I come in and tell my husband laughingly, and he laughs too telling me the cat has better sense than I.


      Life is thrilling, rainbows, flowers in bloom, sunsets and sunrises, baby smiles, enthusiastic expressions, even despair. They are all part of life and with my little pocket camera I can share them with you. I can look back at them, days, weeks, months or even years later, and I am there all over again; savoring the moment. Don’t you think the challenges heighten the joy when we accomplish our goal? I do.


      I truly thank God for his trials and tribulations because I believe they make me a better and stronger Christian. If we knew nothing of trouble could we share a shoulder or an ear with any conviction or compassion? Look at the beauty of this lily. They come up year after year and even grow along our roadsides. God took time to design the things of this earth and He also takes times to consider our needs so a challenge here and there is not something I need to dwell on, as it is within His control. Embrace your challenges. They are only our homework to make us better students and I strive to get an A.


      Tuesday, July 6, 2010

      Something Unexpected at the River

      GEDC9933 GEDC9934  GEDC9937 Sometimes we search for the picture perfect scene wanting none of rubbish or broken limbs to show up. The two pictures above I shot past the broken branch under the tree, but upon closer inspection found something interesting on the broken branch and lower branches of the tree. Perhaps it’s time to stop being so picky and enjoy nature as she is taking time to notice those little things we would have missed by running away from something “unsightly”. The dancing insects entertained me for awhile with the metallic wings of royal blue, turquoise, forest green and red.

      To enjoy more water shots be sure to take off your shoes and stop in at Watery Wednesday to get your feet wet! With the heat wave we’ve had in Michigan it sure will feel good!  How’s your weather been?


      Enjoy the rest of your week and God bless!


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