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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

They pay $25.00 for gardening tips!

Believe it or not, these pictures were taken last month. There actually were a few red flowers left on these weigela bushes. Now that it has gotten so much colder in Michigan the bush looks no where near as pretty.  I am seriously missing looking at flowers; and browsing through Garden Gate Magazine drooling over the vibrant flowers showing there. Ahhhh

Their February issue just arrived in my mail yesterday and I took it to work with me to look at on my lunch hour. Their magazines are loaded with lots of gardening tips and guess what; they pay $25.00 for printed tips. Now put your thinking caps on and click on the link above to submit or if you prefer snail mail:

Garden Gate Tips. 220 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50312

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

I truly hope the peace and love of Jesus settles over everyone this Christmas and goes with them through the New Year!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To Wed or Not to Wed

Wait, Wayne wailed, wait awhile for me
Why, Wendy wondered, does this happen to me?
Always waiting and wondering
Whilst he whiles away the time
 And wanders aimlessly
Emotions waxing and waning
The wedding weeks away
Will Wayne wed Wendy
Or will Wendy run away?
Judy Sheldon-Walker

My mother used to joke that she chased Daddy til he caught her but this wiley poem is written to honor "w" not romance or weddings. :-)   Enjoy  ABC Wednesday with us! What does "w" say to you?

photo source


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa's List

I can't wait to see Santa Claus! How much longer do we have to walk? Do you think he got my letter? I sure hope he got me the puppy I want! - 139

Join the fun at Susan's at Stony River. Grab the picture. Tell a story in 140 characters or less and link up. See you there!

Take care and God bless.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's not about us!

The hustle and bustle of Christmas
Claims every waking hour
If Johnny and Sue aren't happy
Their faces will turn sour
Baking and buying, shopping and wrapping
Till long past time for bed
Searching for the perfect gift
For Aunt Jill and Uncle Fred
When's the last time we bowed our head
And a word of prayer was said?
After all it's not our birthday
It's the birthday of the king
Take a moment to remember
And praises to Him sing!

Judy Sheldon-Walker

Join us for Shadow Shot Sunday and have a fantastic and blessed week!



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Playfulness

Jeannie let me borrow a picture of ST helping her to make her grandchildren's bed throws. You see he has a pair of scissors in his hand, oops, paw. He was watching Jeannie real good and thought he would give it a try.

I saw these on display in the Christmas decorations at K-Mart. I thought this would probably be to ST, Tiger and Cookie's liking. (Jeannie's cat and mine)  Can you imagine what would happen to our Christmas tree if we hung these there?  Tiger and ST look for any opportunity to play. In fact I have a lap full of cat right now and he keeps trying to help me type.

He always wants to play, grabbing the string from my sneakers or the drawstring from my coat. Here he is with a mouse which he so generously brought to me as I dressed for work the other day. He is forever playful and probably wondered why I swung my feet up from the floor as I dressed. :-)

 This is one of my twin grandchildren playing with her cousin. Cats, dogs and children have the right idea. We need to take time out to play. Her smile is so precious. Your smile is precious to your father too when you take time to play, especially when you take time to play with His little ones.  He asks us to be like children.
Enjoy, share, and God bless! For more of God’s critters check out Camera Critters.

Camera Critters



Monday, December 13, 2010

Where are those golden leaves?

Seems like just yesterday the world was painted in the bold colors of autumn and now it is all black and white. The homes, the grounds, the trees and the world is all buried under snow.

This post is linked to Mellow Yellow Monday.MellowYellowBadge

To celebrate Mellow Yellow Monday join us and have a great week!

Take care and God bless!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Best and the Worst Job

When I became active on my blogs and writing online I was attending college full time and working as an assistant manager at Dollar General. Working retail can be very physically demanding and dealing with the demands of working freight and chasing shop lifters had become old. I enjoyed the customer end of the position and was very rewarded with the satisfaction of improving customer relations but ... Is seems there are drawbacks in most professions. Is there a perfect job? If someone would buy some of my poetry to use for songs and it turned out quite lucrative, that would be my ideal career break! :-) What would you consider a perfect job?

What has been your nightmare job? It's funny; I worked in the prison for seven years. You would think I would name that as the worst job. It wasn't the best; but the absolutely worst was selling Rainbow Cleaning systems. (not vacuum cleaners, but cleaning systems!) They put you through training and teach you word for word their spiel and how to demonstrate their product. I love the product. They promise to help line up demos for you. Their idea of help is providing a telephone book!! They demand a ridiculous amount of demos to be performed or there is no paycheck other than your commission if you sell one. The price is extremely high for anyone who is already stretching a tight budge. They offer financing, and insist you call them at the end of your demo before leaving the prospective buyer's home. The demo is at a fevered pitch and they coach you  insisting you reel the customer in. I sold only two - one to my mother and one to my best friend.

When I walked away from the job I had worked for Rainbow for a month and a half without a paycheck earning only a small commission which did not cover the gas used for travelling to the many demos I presented. Often fear would grip me as I traveled to unknown parts and to stranger's homes. It hit me that no one would know where to look for me or what had happened to me should I meet with some ill fate.

When I was looking for another job to leave Dollar General I answered a clerical ad and happened to see their set up through the window where I signed in for my interview. I made a hasty retreat. They were not catching me again.

I got a job the same day working where I work now so I handed in my two week notice right around Christmas time. I now work at a call center. For my third year anniversary I was given a gift certificate to a very nice high class restaurant and took pictures of the hibiscus I found there. :-) And you thought all you take home from eating out was a doggie bag!!

This post is linked to My Two Questions! Please join us. There is always a friendly discussion taking place. Take care and God bless!



Frozen Water

O-k so this is a bit different from the watery shots we usually post. It is water, but it's cold in Michigan, and it froze. Notice it froze before actually reaching the ground and so formed ice reaching from the ground up, or from the sky down? If you look at the fallen leaves behind the ice you can see it does stand. Lets not let life catch us off guard so we are frozen before reaching our destination. :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy more water shots at Watery Wednesday! God bless and thanks so much for visiting me.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Job is a Job is a Job...

It was his first day on the job. Looking at the grounds he knew he better get busy if he wanted to keep his job. A good job is hard to find!  To join in our microfiction fun  hop on over to visit Susan at Susan at Stony River


Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Circumzenithal Arc?

I was doing two of my favorite things in October; thrift store shopping and taking pictures. I came out of Goodwill looking at the sky and was instantly rewarded with what looked like a miniature rainbow. Of course I snapped. Wouldn't you?

Just a few weeks later I came across this article in our local newspaper about circumzenithal arcs or in layman terms "ice halos made by light passing through ice crystals in high cirrus clouds." The colors are not as vivid in my photo shots as they were that evening,  but I do hope you enjoy them and share your SkyWatch photos with us.  Share SkyWatch Friday with us. It is the beginning of a glorious week end. Take care & God bless!


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