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Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer Reds

Summer gives way to fall and fall to winter so we quickly get a look at the pretty reds before they go.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day replaced night

Without a camera, where would I be?
Just gazing at the sky seeing all I can see!

But wishing so hard that others could see
The beautiful sky that's spread before me

It started out dark with scarcely a light
As day took over and replaced night

The sun rose gently, softly, and slow
Filling the sky with a warm rosy glow

 I said a prayer within my heart
Thanking God for a beautiful start.
Nature by God
poem by Judy

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Joy of Being a Big Sister!

She held his hand tightly wondering how they were going to play. Mom said to watch him and she knew how quickly he could take off! ~ 131~

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Deserve the Best!

Just about four months ago Jeannie had her knee replaced and while she has had a remarkable recovery, she is not quite ready to go back to work with her husband in his plant so she decided to go back to what she is the most familiar with, and that is nursing. She was going through her scrubs from her last nursing post and found that they hung on her so she and I have been checking out scrubs. I told her that one of my favorite places to find quality scrubs is  http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/.

In all the scrubs I have worn over the years, theirs have been the most comfortable, durable, and professional looking. While some cotton nursing scrubs seem to fade and wrinkle, their's continue to look fresh and new for as long as you wear them. Jeannie and I both like crafts, blogging, gardening, woodworking, going for nature walks, and so forth so we like clothing we can wash and wear; especially clothing that always looks professional so you don't have to worry about it wrinkling throughout the day. Who has time to iron?

I saw a really nice jacket on their site too. Michigan is heading into colder weather soon and a jacket that has all these features would be a great early Christmas present for her.  It is featherweight but warm (includes a full length inner storm flap) and has an inside security pocket. I've seen her hospital scrubs and they are no where as nice as these! Some things just keep getting better and better and a good friend like her deserves the best!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Road Back is Very Difficult

One use can get you hooked. 

While helping my youngest one with a homework assignment quite a few years ago we did a considerable amount of research on cocaine addiction. It was truly eye opening for me. Having never tried any illegal drugs I had no idea how they got a hold on the user.  One of the things that really struck me as we researched is how cocaine use, with only one experiment, forever alters ones dopamine receptors by giving the user a false sense of euphoria, then blocking their own natural “feel good” ability. Now to achieve that level again they can only achieve it with the use of the drug. 

Cocaine was once thought to be a wonder drug!

It occurred to me that the school wanted to discourage drug abuse by giving the children such an assignment because it seems that once the user gets hooked all the information in the world will not dissuade them so it is important to arm the youth with vital information to discourage them from trying this highly addictive substance. Only one use can alter the chemistry of the user forever making them crave their next fix. In a book published by Sigmund Freud in 1884 it was touted as a wonder drug for alcoholics and depressed patients because of its mood enhancing ability. 

The first use could be the last.

But later we found that use of cocaine is tied to increase risk of heart attack and stroke. The risk of stroke is 49.4% within 6 hours of taking the drug. Approximately 80% of these strokes will be from intracranial hemorrhages. Overdose can result in convulsions, hyperthermia, coma and death. The user develops a tolerance and his or her need increases resulting in the strong desire for more and more to maintain the initial feeling in the central nervous system. 

There is help.

I had watched shows like Intervention and saw how the family and friends worked together to take the user to a drug abuse rehab center, but in all the ones I watched there seemed to be one common thread. Until the addict actually determines that they want to stop, they won’t and drug abuse rehab almost always needs professional intervention.  With the help at an accredited rehab center the chances of recovery are very much improved.  But if you haven’t tried illegal drugs, please don’t. The road back is very difficult.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

My God Shines, so I Must too!

As I headed into work today
God tugged upon my heart
He knew I'd rather stay at home
But I had to do my part

He lifted high up in the sky
A glorious sun so bright
And made it shine like pure gold
Placing it within my sight

With a vision of such beauty
I scarce could take it in
I knew He blessed my day
From the beginning to the end.

Nature by God
poem by Judy

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