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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Third Hand Smoke and our Babies


Daily we are learning more about the long term risks of smoking. Tobacco use is so dangerous that there is first hand smoke, second hand smoke and now we have become aware of the risk of third hand smoke. Many of these dangers unfortunately are imposed on the most innocent, our children. 

Did you know that the National Toxicology Program has identified 250 poisonous gases, chemicals and metals contained in cigarette smoke? These toxins cling to the smoker's hair, garments, home furnishings, carpeting, wall paint and so forth. Examine an ash tray and see how the tar clings to it. Imagine the same thing happening to everything touched by the cigarette smoke. Our children breathe these poisons in and fill their little lungs with these toxins.

Did you know that your body will begin to repair itself once smoking cessation is started. Food will regain its flavor, your lungs will start functioning better. Your blood pressure returns to normal in 20 minutes. The toxic levels of carbon monoxide in your blood stream will drop to half in just 8 hours without smoking, and it just keeps getting better the longer you avoid smoking.

Do we really want to impose our bad habits on our little ones? If you can't stop smoking for yourself, do it for them! They are the innocents here. Children who live in homes with smokers have an increased risk of asthma, emphysema, cancer, heart disease, and other related illnesses. These carcinogens endanger our children and other smokers and nonsmokers through dermal uptake also, which is the absorption of carcinogens through the skin. 

Thank you for visiting me today. Take care, stay healthy,  and God bless.

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Icy BC December 28, 2011 at 8:18 AM  

Wow..great info, Judy! I have seen adults smoking in close car doors with children, and feel very bad for them..

CA Johnson December 30, 2011 at 5:14 PM  

This is an excellent post. I know exactly what you mean about smoking because people in my family smoke all of the time. It's too bad that they don't realize what they are doing to themselves.

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