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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What does it take to be a realtor?

Realtors fulfill dreams

A realtor is a very special breed of person

When it comes to real estate the number one word is “competition.” You cannot imagine real estate without competition. The market and the agents are all competing. To be a real estate agent takes patience, passion and pure dedication because keeping an optimistic attitude is essential. First step is to ask yourself why you want to be a real estate agent because this career has its ups and downs. Every realtor must be licensed which requires going to school. You are trained in basic knowledge about the housing market, home values, and properties. Every state has their own rules on the amount of credits realtors are supposed to take before the big test. Some states requires 90 hours session of credit while other may require more. Once you’re done putting in your hours scheduling for the pre-license or license takes place. 

You first work with a broker

Upon passing the state exam, the next thing is finding a broker that will take you under their wing. The broker molds you in and fills you in on the live action of how everything is going to operate. Working with the broker is like being at an internship but with a slight difference as you get paid for the work you do. The broker also provides you with your first list then later on you will make your own listings. Using the brokers listing means you will also be sharing your commissions. Every sale or rental you make your broker may get half of what you earn, keep in mind ever broker is different so percentages may vary.

A realtor is a small business owner.

Remember being a realtor is having your own business, a small one and it is a work in progress. Real estate can be very hard due to the competition out there and also because it is a commission based business. Sometimes you’re on top and at times things are slow, this is why at times people tend to be a realtor on the side prior to having a set salary or hourly job, holding on to their primary job. Realtors can make very good money, but not without hard work and tremendous people skills. A good realtor matches homes to people and makes dreams come true. 

Enthusiasm and eagerness are essential.

While looking at Denver Colorado real estate you get the sense that these realtors are not interns, but are seasoned real estate agents. You can sense their enthusiasm and eagerness to assist at Denver real estate. It is easy to get an idea of what real estate is all about and decide whether you would like to make your journey into the world of being a realtor.


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