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Herbs'n' Other Alternative Health Remedies
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good News for those who have Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed malignancy among men, but it does not have to end there. 

Nearly a quarter of a million men are diagnosed with prostate cancer yearly and the likelihood of getting prostate cancer increases dramatically after the age of 60 becoming approximately 1 in 8. The odds increase even higher for those with a family history of prostate cancer.

For men there are ways to improve the odds in your favor.

There are certain foods and herbs which help to cut the risk of cancer and  protect your immune system :
  • ·         Four ounce glass of wine daily.
  • ·         Xanthohumol which is found in hops and helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
  • ·         Foods high in vitamin D
  • ·         Cooked tomatoes.
  • ·         Pink grapefruit.
  • ·         Watermelon
  • ·         Ketchup (the darker the better)
  • ·         I3C found on broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts.
  • ·         Capsaicin such as found in chile peppers
  • ·         Ellagic acids which are found in cranberries
  • ·         Carotenoid rich foods such as swiss chard, chicory, spinach, beet greens and spinach.
  • ·         Quercitin found in onions, and also sulfur which is found in onions aids in halting tumors.
  • ·         Saponin found in a large assortment of herbs, vegetables, nuts and oats.
  • ·         Pomegranates contain a good dose of anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants and flavonoids.
  • ·         Phenols which are found in good supply in black and green tea.
  • ·         Licorice
  • ·         Pumpkin seeds
  • ·         Saw palmetto

And of course there are things to avoid such as:
  • ·         Tobacco
  • ·         Caffeine
  • ·         Excessive alcohol
  • ·         Stress
o   And for some men:
§  Antihistamines
§  Decongestants
§  Acidic and spicy foods

New treatment is available.

And for those who are diagnosed with cancer there is an alternative HIFU treatment which has been found to be effective in the treatment of prostate cancer.  (Click on HIFU to visit their site and order a free brochure.) The procedure is performed using cutting edge technology which allows the patient to undergo an extremely noninvasive procedure. The procedure takes 2 to 3 hours and the patient can get up and walk home once it is completed.

Only the prostate is targeted in the treatment.

The prostate tissue is heated to about 90 degrees Celsius destroying the cancerous tissue which will eventually be washed away in urination. Adjacent tissues and organs remain unharmed. 

Thanks so much for your visit today. Take care, stay healthy and God bless! Photo borrowed from this site.

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Mumsy¸.¤ª“˜¨ May 5, 2012 at 7:25 AM  

Great post, and great information! Prostate cancer(or any cancer) is a serious and deadly disease.

I will sure pass this on, as preventive is the first step!

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