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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The World is our Family

Helping hands worldwide

The world’s countries secure their borders so that ‘foreigners’ won’t come in. They keep their ‘own’ in and others out. But when we really look at the immediate families of those around us, most of us
can see the entire world represented there. Even those from the same household have different shades of skin colour (even if they’re from the same ‘race’), different textures of hair (even if they’re all straight), different colour of eyes (even if they’re all brown) and different personalities. It’s crazy to use these differences as a reason for placing people in separate groups.

Who’s our family?

Our family is someone we can help

Anyone we can get close enough to in order to help him/her is our family. The world is full of souls we can assist. No matter how needy we are, we have more than someone else in our close circle. We just have to be aware of who they are and what they need. Self involvement and self-greed usually blinds us to the needs of others. Our kids may have grown out of clothes or shoes someone else can use. We may have an unused set of plates someone else can utilize in their home.

Our family is someone with whom we can share a blessing

No matter how unskilled or unlearned we are, there are people in the world who can benefit from our talents. Each of us has a natural talent, something we’re inherently good at – even without trying. This is the blessing we’ve been given. It’s the one we’re not expected to bury but to share. In sharing it, we’ll improve ourselves and grow stronger and more capable.

Find your blessing – your talent - and use it to fulfil someone else’s needs. You can teach them to do something to benefit their lives or to help them find direction.

Our family is someone we can support

Even in times when we can’t possibly help or do anything to change a negative situation, we can offer support and a sympathetic ear. Sometimes this is all someone who’s hurting needs. A listening ear is a necessity to someone in need of support. It shows them they’re not on their own, that they have positive reinforcement and that regardless of their present situation, things can and will get better.

Our family is clearly not just the people with whom we live. Our family extends the world over. It’s bigger than we can imagine and can include people we haven’t even met yet. So while you go about your daily tasks this week, try to find some family members who need you. This act will fulfil your life more than you’ve ever imagined.

Have you met any new ‘family members’ this week? What other ways do you think we can support our extended family members throughout the world?

This post comes to you with the compliments of http://www.speedyloan.com.

Anne Lyken-Garner, the writer of this post is an inspirational author and also writes about building confidence at her ‘How To Build Confidence’ blog..

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Icy BC August 23, 2012 at 5:11 PM  

You sum it all up so nice, Anne! The word family extends much farther and wider than we think.

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