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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Help the smoker in your life

Blu Cigs

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I have been dedicated to better health since before the birth of my first child, and I now have 30 grands and 6 great grands  so you can see that health is and has been extremely important to me and should be to you. If you are trying to attain a long life, shouldn't it be a healthy one? Our families mean so much to us and living a robust and healthy life makes our time with them so much better.

While baby girl waited for her last child to be born she not only cut way back on smoking but actually kicked the habit. I was ecstatic! Then when her husband did the same I was doing the happy dance.  It takes so very little time to pick up this oppressing habit but so much longer time and effort to quit it. I have written the following articles on this blog alone about cigarette smoking:

Attack the Smoke not the Smoker   on March 30, 2011

Third Hand Smoke and our Babies on  December 27, 2011

When trying to help my (adult) children kick the habit I was forever looking for tools to help them and recently found an offer online for electronic cigarettes. While my choice would be for no one to ever start the habit; it happens and sometimes one needs help to quit. In my humble opinion electronic cigarettes would be a helpful  step in shedding the habit for a number of reasons; one of the main reasons is that with it  the smell of cigarettes is a thing of the past. This limits the harmful effect on friend's and family members of the smoker.

Who wants to smell like an ash tray?

I have spoken to a number of ex-smokers who once they no longer smoked absolutely detested the odor associated with cigarette smoke.  Blu Cigs make the transition easier for those who are struggling and need just a little more help. They also have far fewer harmful chemicals to negatively impact one's health.

Currently Blu Cigs is running 4 specials including: 
  1. $5 off all orders site wide + free  shipping (copy code from their site); 
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  4. Blu rewards for referrals
If you are searching for a method to help you quit, why not give this a try? Quitting isn't easy, but you are worth the effort!

Thank you for your visit. Take care, stay healthy and God bless!!



Best Electronic Cigarettes December 12, 2012 at 8:04 AM  

I tried a lot to quite smoking but it was due to the puf cigs that I quite smoking with in one month.

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