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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Willpower


What weighs in as the most important thing we can do for our health? 
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If you had to limit it to just one thing, you would be very hard put. I am sure that one of the top things on your list would be eating healthy. The more natural our foods are the healthier, meaning fewer pesticides, additives, preservatives, sugars and salt. The "additives" which are better than you could possibly imagine are herbs and spices. Do you include enough fibers in your diet? Fruits, vegetables and whole grains aid in our digestion and aid our body in removing toxins from our body. They help us to feel more fit (less sluggish).

We need to release negative emotions.

I cannot say it any better than Buddha did. You have heard of "burn out". If we do not want to face a serious burn out, we need to move on from whatever issues have us in their grasp. Along with the release of negative emotions, one could include meditation, prayer, or any activity that you chose that helped you to release stress and embrace a more positive outlook. 

Avoid toxins.

Our skin is our largest organ, and as such comes in contact with toxins daily, many of which we can avoid. Reduce the amount of chemicals you use in your home cleaning with natural products whenever possible.  Baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar are three choices which are good all purpose household products. Use an air purification system if possible. Grow and eat organic. The chemicals that kills weeds and insects are not just detrimental to weeds and insects but to us as well. Quit smoking! There are probably more toxins in a single cigarette than in your entire household. 

Get moving.

A sedentary lifestyle opens the door to a host of ailments while keeping active improves your hearth health and decreases the odds of stroke and lowers your blood pressure. Plus when you participate in activities you will find that your energy levels increase. 

Get proper rest. 

Improper rest lowers your immune system, makes your brain foggy, increases your blood pressure and just generally makes you feel not up to par. The proper amount varies person to person but it is generally at least 7 hours and not more than 10 hours a night. Don't be fooled into thinking you can shortchange your sleep bank night after night and not pay for it in the long run. 

This post linked to Two Questions Thursday. Please visit Amanda's and let the chatter begin. 

1. As we get ready to end another year shortly and begin another, are you considering creating any New Years resolutions? - My downfall is staying up too late so I am making a conscious effort to be in bed by 10, 11 at the latest on work nights. 

2. What steps do you intend on taking to make your resolutions more successful? I am setting my cell phone alarm and being very stern with myself. No more cheating!! :-)

Thank you so much for your visit. Take care, stay healthy and God bless!!



betchai November 28, 2012 at 9:48 PM  

i usually do not make new year resolutions, i know i did when I was still at school being asked by teacher to write composition for new year resolution, however, i do make some resolutions whenever necessary, sometimes, i don't have to make an effort, when the conviction to do is is great.

Poetic Shutterbug November 28, 2012 at 9:48 PM  

Judy, New Year's Resolutions to me means procrastination. The way I see it, if I want to for example begin doing something good like exercising, dieting etc... why wait until the New Year. My philosophy is living and doing in the present moment and not waiting for a new year, week or month. I've never believed in New Year's resolutions.

I enjoyed your post and love the Buddha quote.

Judy SheldonWalker November 28, 2012 at 10:05 PM  

Betchai, and Poetic Shutterbug, thanks so much for visiting. I see you both agree that there is no sense in procrastinating. I feel the same way. I have already been trying to implement my earlier bedtime. I was heading to bed when hubby asked me to fix him something so am waiting for it to heat. lol

Our health is worth making those important changes now.


Jim November 29, 2012 at 12:13 AM  

Nice post, Judy. I follow part of your advice by eating quite a few small fish, mostly sardines in olive oil. Those are the best for you.

Small fish are at the bottom of the food chain so have the least metals and toxins. The larger fish eat the smaller ones so those toxins get added to the ones they pick up. When they eat the larger fish they eat all of the accumlative metals and toxins plus what the large fish picks up.

Fish do not lose the metals and toxins that they ingest.

I will not make New Years resolutions. I have lived a good life and have done most every thing I need or want to do.
So it wouldn't be a big loss if I killed myself on the motorcycle or went crazy by staying up too late.

Sleeping late? I had a phophetic dream (Google prophetic dreams) telling me to stay in bed until eight (8) in the morning. That would be hard to do if I went to bed early. My bedtime is most always after midnight. I regularly watch TV programs starting at 12:30, 1:00, and 1:30 (plus the seven minute overlap for talk show advertising time).

Cathy Kennedy November 29, 2012 at 12:27 PM  

I always keep an ongoing loose set of goals I hope to accomplish each year. Most are a continuation from the year before, like diet, exercise, blah-blah. A few majors one for this year have been reached and I do have a biggie set for next year.

This year has helped a lot in realizing how to monitor myself toward reaching my goals and I will keep the same approach throughout the coming New Year. But, as for my biggie - to find our dream home then this will take a lot of looking & praying. God can move mountains, though, right?

Colette S November 29, 2012 at 2:45 PM  

There is the photo Judy!! Speaks so much to unforgiveness!

This is a great post Judy.

I do not make new year's resolutions. I just try to be better at living, spiritually with God and his word, as a parent and as a person.

2. It's having to consciously understand that I can control how I respond.


Icy BC November 30, 2012 at 7:36 PM  

I don't make New Year resolution either. I will just do it when I set my mind to do it. I don't like waiting for a certain time to begin what I want to do.

I can't sleep more than 5 hours, but do catch shut eyes whenever I can.

Self Sagacity November 30, 2012 at 10:36 PM  

Judy, I don't purposely make new year resolutions. I do however make promises throughout the year for myself.
I tell myself over and over again to try tomorrow. I don't let myself forget. I write it somewhere that I could see it everyday. If seeing it annoys me enough, I would erase it. (haha) Then I usually would have a moment of realization and try to go through the process again. I do it until I am successful. I usually succeed, sometimes it takes a few tries, but I don't let myself forget. Have a wonderful weekend.
I love that photo...budda is so right.

Ruthinian Gregoire December 1, 2012 at 2:32 PM  

taking charge of my health and making good healthy choices are some of my priorities now. when i decided to run i know that it was one of drastic decisions i ever made but i don't regret it. i feel younger and healthier.

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