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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We need our wits about us.

My oldest son, mom, her cock-a-poo, me, my great grand, & her mother.

Life requires that we have our wits about us. 

You may think I have an over active imagination, being a writer and all, but many of the things I find myself concerned with are real concerns; things that have actually happened to me, or someone I know. Living in the Bronx River projects in NYC I encountered many harrowing experiences,
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and having worked as a prison guard in southern Michigan years later, I felt that I drew upon some of the learned skepticism and street savvy that helped me function while living in NY. We truly need our wits about us and all five senses that God so wisely gave us. Which is why I think so highly about the product I want to tell you about. I know it can help you when you don’t have your wits about you!  Let me tell you more about the usefulness of this product.
They told Mom they could do no more for Dad.

About ten years ago my mother suffered from a stroke, which made her unable to talk. She had lost part of her ability to move also sustaining partial paralysis. My father  who is seven years her senior learned how to cook and care for her, but then he began to fail also and my mother made the difficult decision  to seek long term care for him. It became increasingly difficult for her as their roles switched back again; to her caring for him as he was suffering from Alzheimer’s, lymphoma, Parkinson’s and arthritis. Daddy kept falling and it terrified mom. Being a veteran, he had received care from the VA throughout the years, but they told mom that there was nothing more they could do for him so with heavy hearts we placed him in a nursing home.  
Mom would risk everything to be with Dad.

My sister and I would take Mom at least once a week to visit Dad, but this was not enough for her. She would take the city bus every day to see him. She could not bear seeing him in a strange place with strange people caring for him. She lovingly marked his name with permanent marker on many of his personal items surrounding him with the comforts of home as set forth to make his transition as comfortable as possible. I worried so much about my mother taking the bus; being as feeble as she was riding across town with strangers. She couldn’t talk. Would she get lost, hurt, taken advantage of? My mom is just 5 feet tall; she is not as strong as she once was.
I want her health safeguarded and ours too!

I have taken my mother to her doctor’s visits and watched him chart her notes on the computer. It gives me peace of mind knowing that this aspect of her life is being managed by Electronic medical Records Software. Her medical history is safeguarded by this program so even though she cannot speak; it can. Can you say with all certainty that in the event of an automobile accident or some other life threatening event that you or your loved one could rattle off your medical history and list of prescription medicines and allergies coherently? My father couldn't. My mother cannot. If you or your health care provider uses this software program, you don’t have to. It will.
Thank you for your visit. Take care, stay healthy and God bless!



CHAN LEE PENG November 29, 2012 at 10:41 AM  

You made a clearer explanation on the necessity to have this program. Thanks for the great read too.

⊱↫PreciousKD↬⊰ December 1, 2012 at 7:28 AM  

Nice photo of your family, and this is a great read also..Program like this should always be available..

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