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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Road to Recovery

It started as a little cough

One of the blood pressure medications (Lisinopril) I take lists coughing as a side effect so I have become resigned to the fact that I will probably be coughing from now till whenever, but last November the coughing became non stop. I didn't sleep at night. I was afraid of holding my grandchildren because of the constant coughing and not knowing what caused it. My throat was sore and raw. It was so irritated that I would gag on my medications or cough drops and I could barely talk above a whisper. (Remember that I work long hours in a call center). The more I talked the more I coughed and the worse I felt.


My coughing was like an internal hurricane

Mark Bricklin writes in one of his books; The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing:
The mechanics of a cough involve first the inspiration of over 2 quarts of air. Next the epiglottis and vocal cords close while the diaphragm and other expiratory muscles contract, building up air pressure in the lungs. The epiglottis and vocal cords then suddenly open and air rushes out, sometimes reaching velocities of 75 to 100 mph, well over hurricane force.

It all tested negative

My health care providers tested me for strep, TB, pertussis, HIV, and a host of other ailments. I was given urine tests, blood work, lab tests on my phlegm, cough medicine, antibiotics, cough suppressants, a chest x-ray, a CT scan, inhalers, IV fluids and nasal spray. With everything coming back negative and my cough becoming worse, I went back to the ER on my day off.  This time the ER physician diagnosed me with acid re-flux. We hadn't considered it previously because I had no heart burn.

Life Modifications

I just completed my two week treatment of Prilosec, modified my diet tremendously, and raised the foot of my bed 5 inches. I chew on fennel seeds or gum (not mint) nearly around the clock. I stay up at least 2 hours before going to bed to allow my food a chance to better digest and have given up a lot of my favorite foods. Can you imagine a BLT where you hold the tomato AND the bacon? I've also had to say good by to my favorite dessert, chocolate chip ice cream.
recipe and source

It's just the beginning

I'm not a smoker, nor a drinker. I don't drink pop. I am not obese, nor a fast food junkie, so I want answers:
  1. How does this happen? I read that 33% of chronic coughers are undiagnosed victims of acid re-flux!
  2. Is there a cure?
  3. What are the long term effects?
  4. What is the long term treatment?
Thanks for joining me and may God richly bless you and yours.


betchai July 24, 2015 at 12:12 PM  

oh sorry about that Judy, hope your conditions get better as you get to know more now the cause of the coughing and maybe with experimentation what helps and works you'd eventually be able to enjoy days with less coughing or none at all.

I have no specific answers to your questions except that maybe as we age, our body works differently as changes in our hormonal system produce a different coping mechanisms for us. I too lately suffered from positional vertigo, I get dizzy and feels like the world is going round on me each time I stand up, sometimes I afraid to sit down or bend when I am outside, I am prescribed head and neck exercises.

Judy SheldonWalker July 30, 2015 at 11:30 PM  

Betchai, that sounds awful. I am so sorry. Could it be an inner ear imbalance? I had a friend once who kept falling and they found out it was cause of her ear.

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